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  1. Hay all I have been trying really hard over the last few days to get the last 174 items moved over to DD I currently have about 30 on DD already. I had to write a script to help me compare and sort out what items I have already sent to DD because I left the old versions in the magic box so sending those to DD would update the already updated versions with older versions... yep its that confusing for me lol. Now I have my new sorted DD folder all ready to go and be sent to DD only thing is im seeing that when I add 10 items into the outbox only half of them are actually going into the folders the rest it seems to create a folder with no item inside. I guess this creates an empty folder on DD maybe? I can not take the risk. I want to do it in small groups of 10 to try and mitigate problems like this. And yes I got the email and it has kicked me into gear to get this done I’ve been holding back for as long as possible because again I cant forward to make any mistakes.
  2. Thanks for the replys every one. And yes i do see the right information in the Listing Enhancement Performance page now I just seem to remember it being an instant thing but it all seems to be working as intended now just abit worrying when you have to spend your money wisely. I know there are some different views on the listing enhancements I have tried them before with out much luck but this time I am very confident this particular home page listing will have an over all positive impact on my stores visibility and should be good at promoting the product its self well fingers crossed any way.
  3. I have a simple question some one maybe able to help with. How long should we wait before we see any information in the "Listing Enhancement Performance" page. I have one listing there at the moment that’s showing the impressions and click throughs and working fine. I just ordered another one to show on the home page. Does it normally take a few hours to start showing or should it be instant? I only just started to gain back the courage to start using listing enhancements again after we moved over from Xstreet I must admit I did order another category listing enhancement some time last month and that never seemed to show up in the “Listing Enhancement Performance" page it was only $999L so I let it slide and just deleted it but this new attempt is starting to concern me abit.
  4. If you are writing your description in another application like Microsoft word or Open office. When you copy and paste the text into the marketplace it can also copy some hidden characters and the marketplace text felids don’t like them. Some times these characters get flagged them as adult words. A simple trick that helps me alot is to open up notepad or a similar basic text editor on your computer and paste your text into there first and re-copy and paste it into the marketplace. This reformats the text and removes any unwanted characters. Then your listing should save with out any problems.
  5. Ok my bad I was wrong. Its only appearing that way because the product name can not be found in the original store because it has been renamed to some thing else. So it appears they do not sell that product. And to answer your question about skynet. I believe it was yesterday? or the day before that I cant remember.
  6. Ok I have a little update on some thing else I’ve found It appears to me that you can actually have the picture the product name and the creator all different. Yes that’s correct 3 different fields of data from 3 different creators. It’s also clear to me that some creator names that appear are not merchants and never have been.
  7. Good thinking. And hey your not alone Seems to be that allot of store owners are still unaware of what has happened and happening. I've been doing some browsing around the MP and discovered that not every one is affected. It seems that both Magic box and DD are affected. What’s really interesting is that the stores that are affected you can follow the Store links that aren’t supposed to be there and find an almost spider web effect of complete destruction. Some stores have more than 20 different creators listed with every 3rd to 10th product completely changed. And you are right if you follow some changed items to there original store. There store will look perfectly fine and they will never know if there item is showing up on some one else’s MP store with a different picture / price. I think the people that do not know there stores are affected need to know and I think it is Linden Labs responsibly to do so its time to get the message out publicly. Looking at the mess now I can thank god I only have 4 items that are affected Fingers crossed no more appear. And I feel so so sorry for those people that MP stores are a complete and total mess.
  8. Hello every one. I don’t normally participate in the forums as you can imagine I am always very busy creating or updating existing products. But today I think it’s necessary to voice my concerns and give my input on this matter. I can confirm that not only is the problem not resolved but is still in the process of destroying listings. Yesterday I had two listings that where crossed over and now I have 4 listings that have crossed over. I have not tried to fix any thing or touch them at this stage as I personally believe this will do more damage than good and agree with what others have said here. I have not sent a support ticket yet as I have seen the reply’s others have received. Very disappointing to see. I’m not going to waste my time with a ticket when I already know what the reply is going to be. I also understand this can not be fixed by the support team. If any one can convince me to send one I will. I have avoided converting my items over to DD until every thing smoothes out. In fact I was avoiding the conversion to try and avoid this exact type of situation Ouch. This is not a game to me. Things that haven’t really been made clear from Linden Labs. A. They have not yet addressed the seriousness of this problem. B. Is it only the people that haven’t migrated their items. C. Is it safer to stay on the magic box or move all items immediately to DD to avoid further corruption. Correct me if I’m wrong but none of this has been made public to the customers. You know the ones who actually make it all worth while. And I’d also like to point out that one of the Report Abuse categories is. Commerce > failure to deliver product or service. Hopefully this issue has been brought to the attention of the AR team. Judging from Linden Labs responses to other merchants they do not really seem to understand what is happening. I’d really like to know what is going on. Some one has made a terrible mistake and they need to come forward and take the responsibility and make it known to every one on the Grid. Some of us really do rely on our second life products for a larger than expected amount of real life income. Yes I take this very seriously and I invest all of my time where I can. Please do not hold us all in the dark on this matter and please do not try and cover this issue up and pretend its not happening because it is. Also this thread should be made sticky at the top so every one can see they are not alone and that the problem is on your side and not ours.
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