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  1. oh sorry if i have put mah post in a wrong category.. And yes i know they come with a manual.. but i ask helps cuz .. i dont understand all in this manual.. and first of all cuz i have ask the creator a first time the helps.. and i dont have receiv!!! So !! thankiou
  2. Hello EveryBodies... Someone can helps me please with this ?$#?#&%#W??%? Script hud!! [PXL] SmartHUD... Is almost 4h im on this and i will turn C R A Z Y ... i have seet the uuid in the script i have put in mah boots.. i have seet the script in mah hud.. when i reset all .. this tell me all is okay .. READY .. but when i click on the hud.. NOTHING .. the textures dont change !!! I have Already im the creator.. but .. pfff he dont gives no helps.. so someone use this scripts and are really kind to helps me!!!! PleAse Pleaseeeeeeeeee Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .... Thankiou in advance !!:matte-motes-big-grin: Cherry !
  3. okay for the studio and the pose stand i have take one who give the possiblility to set this for the members of the group only this is perfect.. i have buy a tp with the same possiblitily .. but the onmy problem i have now is i want to put a security system ... but this gave me the group option but this need to be in a same group then the sim.. and no i cant make the parcel.. is all a sim and now parcell.. i need to find another way cuz i dont want this option.... so its possible to find a security who gave me the option to set at the group i will deed the object and no the one of the sim???
  4. Hello :) I want to create a photo studio in the sky of mah sim for the members of mah group.... - Its possible to put a script in my pose stand for only the members can have acces ? - Its possible to put a secrity system who will let pass only the member of this group... the group sim and the group i want to give the photos studio is NOT THE SAME!... thankiou !!!
  5. Hello Everybody .... I have a problem with mah Phoenix since this morning i have relogg and i need to refix all mah seeting ... i dunno for why this save nothing... each time i relog i need to refix all someone have the same problem like me??? I have Clean the cache... Unistall the Phoenix... remove the cache and the sl folder .. Reinstall and nothing change .. I Need helps before i turn crazy !!! :(((
  6. is 9-10 months i have this sims... i dont have pay all the time week by week.. sometimes i pay 3 weeks in advance.. but when i have going and pay one week last week i having ALREADY 1 weeks and 2 days.. so after i have pay , mah box telling 2 WEEKS and 2 DAYS..( August 20 ) and now TODAY .. ( August 27 ) is writed .. 2 DAYS .. so where is the 1 other weeks is suppose to rest me?
  7. Bonjour tout le monde !!! :matte-motes-wink-tongue: J'ai une question... voila je loue une sim pour mon store.. depuis un bon moment .. la semaine derniere je suis allez payer une semaine... et je prend en note le jour que je paye et combien de temps me reste .. pour etre bien certaine... j'ai payer une semaine et j'avais deja une semaine et 2 jours ce qui fais qu'il me restais 2 semaines et 2 jours.. J'arrive ce matin pour allez payer ma boite .. il me reste 2 JOURS... ou est passer ma semaine? le 20 Aout j'avais deux semaines et deux jours... le 27 ( soit une semaine plus tard ) me reste 2 JOURS.... y a quelques choses qui tourne pas rond..... il y a une coupe de semaines il m'est arriver un peu la meme chose.. je suis arriver a ma rental.. et me restais que quelques jours .. je ne comprenais pas trop ... mais bon comme je n'inscrivais pas mes choses.. et que c'est difficile, meme que je verifie mes historique .. je ne peux pas remonter en arriere de 3 ans et verifier toute les fois ou je l'ai payer quand meme... parfois je paye une semaine .. d'autre fois 3, d'autre fois 2... mais j'essaye tjrs de garder au MOIN 2 semaines d'avances.. Alors ma question est la suivante.. le Owner de ces boites peux changer a sa guise le temps restant? Ou alors y peux y avoir eu un bug ? j'ai vraiment peine a croire que ce mec pourrais me frauder.. :smileysad: ca fais plus de 3 ans que je fais affaire avec lui .. mais je me demande bien ou est passer ma semaine!!!
  8. Same i go in mah Transaction History i will see i have pay one week.... but i try all the time to keep 2 week and few day a lead ... when i have pay mah week the 20 ... i having already one week and 2 day .. so after i have pay i having 2 weeks and 2 days... how i can prouv this .. is more then 9 months i rent the same sim ...
  9. Hello EveryBodie, I have a question about rental boxes systems . I rent a sim for mah store and the past weeks i have noticed something strange , i came to pay mah rental and i had a few days left on it and i was certain that i had more left , still there i closed mah mouth . But i started taking note of mah payments and time left because of it . On the 20th of August i went to pay and wrote it down i had 2 weeks and 2 days left ... I went back today to pay some more but there was only 2 days left on the rental box .... from the 20th to 27th i lost 2 weeks ... This time it cant be mah mistake i noted it carefully So mah quesiton is the following The person in question uses Hippo rentals (( from Andy Enfield )) ... is it possible to change the amount of time left with these systems ? I have asked the owner and now im waiting on the responce but i would like to know if this is possible , because he can pretty much say anything he wants to me . Thankiou :O)
  10. Hello Everybodies... i have a Question .... I Want to know the Owner of a sim can be bann someone for completly no reason??? or is against the linden tos? So when you have a sim you have completly the right to do what you want and accept who you want , and bann who you want? (( Ps. Sorry for mah bad English ))
  11. Bonjour j'aimerais avoir une informations.... Un proprietaire de sim.... a le droit pour aucune raisons de bannir un residents? C'est contre le TOS ou aussitot que l'on achete une sim a linden on est roi et maitre et on peux faire exactement ce qui nous chantent? Comme ... Bannir une personne pour rien ... juste pour le fun ? Merci
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