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  1. You said No state can pass a law forbidding the possession or use of firearms. It would be struck down in seconds the first time it was challenged. US Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. I just like to see you try open carry with out a CCW license in a state that have that for a law, you`ll be fine and your gun takeing from you. This will be my last post here.
  2. But yet we have state guns law that over ride the Constitution dont we.
  3. That out a out rage wait a min, that not a Confederate Battle Flag hmmmm i guess that Flag a raceist too, point is if you want get rid of one flag for been a racist symbol you need to get rid of them both, i dont see them has a racist Symbol and i never will and yes i fly both flag why my family fight on both side north and south for me it not a matter of lost or who win it about remembering family.
  4. Federal law supercedes state law, That true but that also be said that some State have laws That over Ride Federal law.
  5. You know i wont be surepize if they did that, i use to hear that they wont ban Premium members either but there no truth to that either way.
  6. really ? ,,lam calling BS on this you either a toll or your wife playing you for a fool ,maybe she just telling you that she scare becuse a mouse farted in her face hmmm well sound and smell like something i said before BS ,,, you getting played dude if a mouse fart really run her off dang i hate to have her in sl at all gee i would tell her to grown a set but she a woman i am guessing.
  7. same thing goes for the men,,, they both kiss up where ever a linden is around .
  8. hmmm been there i hate to tell you this LL not going to do alot for you ,,, i been impersonation i few time tell they really broke LL TOS you wont see anything getting done,,, the useing of your name is not in the TOS,,, you say they impersonation you good luck proveing even if you do still LL wont dont anything it like Res VS Res ,, who to say that can can have the same name has you ? if you look up my name you will see what i mean,, and for every saying to keep AR him/her yeah do that but dont just been senting AR ,, you could get ban for spaming the AR ,, deal with it or leave that all you
  9. You know show look at is not a 100% safe bet right ?
  10. I don't think my bank would take your silly bitcoin either ,, I dont blame LL one bit for not talking them ,, you don't like it easy go play with your bitcoin else where.
  11. that your hard luck,, there nothing you can do really ,, and you didt pay your tier the 2th time ,, really that crazy and you thought you going to get to stay there ?,, if you did have time left that just how it is you lost.there not alot you can do AR him but dont think LL will help they wont.
  12. Good ideal send him where all the bully of sl lives ,, info hud ,, HIP ,, maybe that help him to say in sl ,, I don't mean to be rude by this post but you could know has well I do that where the bully's lives.
  13. Why did`t you just slap us and the rest of the tribe of usa that been easier to take,,, then to have someone saying that about my People * your picture * I have you to know that right out lie for most tribes,, we don't believe like that,, even if one was to have feelings of beefing gay would been kick out of the tribe. It was thought of has unholy act with my People.
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