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  1. I don't upload SP exports directly to SL as I tweak them in Blender and Photoshop first, but at one point made a quick export preset to test in SL, which looks like this (old version, haven't upgraded my personal copy after Adobe acquisition). Add glossiness channel in your texture set and export glossiness map as specular map. SP's specular map doesn't seem to work too well. Pick OpenGL normals instead of DirectX. For texture sets with opacity channel (like glass) you'll need to add alpha to the diffuse in export settings. Not too sure if my settings are optimized for SL but they seem to
  2. Not sure if I'm allowed to post URLs on this forum but they have a dedicated Flickr group where makeup/skin designers for their heads post new products. Great way to find unknown stores. If you are looking for something specific, asking in their in-world group or Discord channel may also help as people are very active and always helping each other finding things. Lelutka Mesh Head Developers - Promotional Images only *sees the post date* Ugh, I'm always too late to be helpful.
  3. Pretty sure it's too late now but could it be overlapping faces? Maybe try removing doubles by merging vertices by distance? Or, more likely, it's just normals facing the wrong way. You can check in overlays and fix with either shift-N or flip normal.
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