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  1. I echo Esparanza's comment on using SL for education. Virtual worlds, like SL, has the potential to become a valuable business and education tool, yet sadly is lacking some very essential aspects from LL's business model to functionality. At this point I am beginning to loose hope that LL be the first ones to meet these needs. I am a 30 year Enterprise level, IT veteran, IT Officer in the U.S. Army Reserves as well as working on my PhD in software engineering to become a full time professor of computer science when I retire from my "day job" in charge of emerging technologies for State transportation. One of my future projects is to create a "virtual State" to be used across the state to include, but not limited to, "virtual tourism", disaster planning, construction planning, and of course education. I recently left a State Education Cabinet where I was ordered to learn SecondLife for use as an education platform and my final report was to wait to see which group got their act together with the right policies, platform and tools to meet the education and business needs. Currently LL is NOT moving in the right direction. Three biggest mistakes I have seen made in the IT industry (which LL is not alone): 1) Making Geeks into Managers 2) Allowing NonGeeks to make technology decisions. 3) Not including key (and qualified) representatives from their paying customers in the decision making process. A successfully IT Leader needs to have a very strong business and organizational foundation with equally strong IT experience who understands the needs of their paying customers and brings them to reality. My question is do we now have a CEO with these skills?
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