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  1. Hi there, we have spent a long time on the creation of a simperformance-collector, which checks several values like DIL, FPS, PING and amount of avatars every five minutes and send it to a website, where these values are put into graphs. These graphs shows your performance during 24 hours. We know, that this is not an all-healing tool against lag, but it can help to discover upcoming lag before your residents will complain about lag. And - if you inform LL about lag on your sim and the Lindens (once again) answer, that they can't determine any lag on your sim, so these graphs are a wonderful proof. This tool was field-tested, and we are honest when we say, that there are some, who find it helpful and some, who said, it will not help them. Every simowner (or resident) has to decide for him-/herself if it's useful. The scripts are published at http://www.free-lsl-scripts.com/cgi/freescripts.plx?ID=1581 for example, so everyone who's able to install it alone, can use it. The one's who say it's too complicated, might read the informations at http://www.sl-imperformance.de Greetz Denise
  2. Hi Mrs Loon, thanks a lot for this script! I enhanced it for my needs, so I transfer the results to the website of our sim (http://www.ndlsim.de/index.php?page=1348778712&f=1&i=1939917561&s=1348778712) Now I think about I can count all scripts running on a sim... Greeeeetz DeniseHoorn
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