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  1. Whenever i try to open my and others profile, it will not pop up. What can i do ?

    I am on a laptop, using wireless connection, had no problem opening profiles until yesterday (10/05/14).

    I did a clean uninstall and back but the problem still there.

    When i click on the profile tab, nothing comes up.

    Thank you for any answers recieved.

  2. How can i wear different alpha layers together? I know you can add on but most dont and if i want to wear a mesh dress with boots for example i cannot wear both together as one alpha layer comes off when using another alpha layer... Please has anyone got any suggestions? thank you

  3. My error code doesnt show anymore, but as soon as i download phoenix it freezes 3/4 of the way fron the download and i have to force a shut down, also i am very slow when i get on it and crashes after 1 or 2 hrs of being on. I have tried firestorm but this isnt good for me as it takes a good 7 o 10 mins before ppl and items stopped being grey and my actions are slow not fluent as phoenix , i am now on the original seconlife. I have defragmented and clean my pc, done the clean uninstalled and reinstalled at least 8-10 times but still having problem getting on and if i am on then it is very slow and crashes after a while without any warning nor code etc... plz help

  4. My land has been deleted yet i never got a notecard to say when and only after been off line for 2 days ( it was my boy's brthday ) i  tried contacting a couple of the agents to find out what was happening only to be told by other residents what has happened, so can you please tell me how to get my items back as i certainly have not abandoned anything i also have 20 days left on my rent could i get that back?? thank you. Daika Andel

  5. For the past 4 days now i cannot buy any L$ and in all honesty i am getting fed up with this problem, this is not the first time this happen.

    im in need of some items in sl but bcose i am penniless i may loose the L$7000 i put for a class as i dont have the items needed for this class.

    This is becoming a joke and i dont know if i want to carry on playing this if i cant enjoy the game by having this problem every few weeks. Could someone let me know what other alternative i can do to buy l$ online plz, do not say market place as i cant get it from there and i also created another account so just to be able to get that way but same thing there cannot get anything..

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