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  1. I love this new feature! It's very handy, and will definitely help a lot of store owners with their Marketplace listings. However, I've noticed a few things I'm not completely pleased with. 1. The manager can edit my store information. This should be an option, not a default ability. Not only would it protect the store owner in the inevitable "lover's revenge" scenarios, but it makes me a little uneasy at the thought of it. Just because I let someone list my items doesn't necessarily mean I want them to be able to change my store information. 2. The manager can view my transaction lo
  2. Thanks for letting us know what happened, and for your prompt fix! <3
  3. No offense Lindens, but can't you guys think of better things to do with your time than to add completely useless features? As it is now, objects go to the objects folder, notecards to the notecard folder, landmarks to the landmark folder & so on - isn't this sort of the point of HAVING these folders? So things will sort out when they are received? So I ask you, with this in mind, what exactly is the point of this received folder? If Marketplace items go there, fine (even though it's still a tad silly), but everything clustering into 1 folder - another folder that I"m going to have to sort
  4. Well, YAY finally more groups! But BOO cause those of us that are still on 1.23 are farked. Having to log in to 2.4 then back to 1.23 would be ok (annoying, but ok), if it wasn't for the fact the new viewer wipes settings (and outfits), so you wind up having to redo half your crap when you flip back and forth. I'm happy that LL is finally moving up in the world of upgrades and stability ...now if they'd only scrap the 2.0 UI and go back to the 1.23 layout so I can actually find something and be able to build productively, I'd be as happy as a pig in a mud puddle. *hint hint LL*
  5. Welcome Rod! Can't wait to see if you manage to fix the cluster that this game has become.
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