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  1. Thank you for your reply. The word cute is kind of subjective I guess, I usually use it in girly and "gothic-lolita" type of items. So you are saying that if I flag someone's item LL will simply remove it without even warning the merchant?? that's grotesque! I wonder if I should submit a ticket, these items were on the first page for a particular search and had been for a long time, I used to get sales for these items, multiple times every day and they had a good rating... I'm very annoyed at this unfair system.
  2. Hello, I got some message today saying several of my items had been removed because they had been marked as "spam" and something about the description... So first of all I doubt it very much, they were dresses and I didn't have any spam in the keywords but now I can't even check what might have been the problem because they are gone from my marketplace... I didn't get any warning before the deletion, so basically I want to ask, what the heck is that about? is this a new stupid 'feature' I need to be aware about the markeplace, and most important, is there anywhere I can get my items
  3. I'm having exactly the same problem you described, right now, did you find a solution? what did you do to correct this?
  4. Thanks! that works, still it's pretty akward and non intuitive, I mean, you got to go through the whole clicking subcategories whenever you change the keywords, even if you just want to search for something inside a specific category.
  5. Hi, I'd like help on how to properly use the marketplace search box. For examplelet's say I want to find a green hair; so I write "green hair"in the search box and hit enter, of course I get a lot of nonsense from shoes to dildos to transvestite alien costumes so, my next thought, I choose "Avatar accessories" from the expanding "search in:" menu , but from there there is no way to select "hair" or "women's hair" so instead I use the "Search Filter" at the left of the page. There I can get to the subcategory "hair" but now I
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