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  1. i got an ipad mini for early christmas and i cant see to find a browser/viewer in the apple App store anyone know where i can find one
  2. hi all Thank you Theresa Tennyson what you said seems to have fixed the issue no more headake giving flashing colors now
  3. hi his is my first post on the forums so if i messed up somwhere let me known about 4 months ago i brought a new laptop and it came preinstalled with windows 8 and a bunch of HP stuff on it and me being a secondlife lover installed phoenix viewer which fliped out flashing all sorts of colors and giving me a headake so i thought mabye phoenix viewer and windows 8 arnt compatable so i uninstalled it and downloaded the secondlife viewer from the secondlife website and still it flashes all sorts of colors just not as much is this only me or are there alot of people having this issue Heres Pic of
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