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  1. "Just restrict access to avatars over a certain age." Over WHAT age? Forty? Thirty? Assuming that spammers, griefers, and folks who like to otherwise just misbehave are all under a certain age is ridiculous. There are entire groups in SL that are dedicated to getting drunk and causing chaos. I have met some extremely well behaved young adults in SL, and an equal number of people who would be qualified as "mature" based on their age.....but act like children.
  2. Bottom line folks....if we ban someone from a region we own and pay for, they should stay banned from that region and not be able to circumvent the system by creating hundreds of alts to harass us all. I am not looking to control anyone else's region or care who peoples alts are. I also should not have to pay extra to anyone for the ability to keep my region peaceful. I don't know the answer. Linden Lab is the one charging us all money to engage in this world and I feel they should be able to figure this out so we all have safety and security. I want my bans to stand on my region and not have to waste my time dealing with a problem that LL should be able to solve for me. The ban system is worthless otherwise.
  3. No offence please, but I should not have to pay even more and hire security. Most of the security agencies that I have seen, and have come in contact with, are full of "wannabe cops" that are so full of themselves and their power to ban, that they don't use reason and tolerance when dealing with residents. This is one more step to add to an organization that can be very suspect and also capable of misconduct. Why would I trust an outside company of complete strangers to make judgments regarding my venue? I want the tools for myself and staff. We should be able to ban someone and impose it. None of us should have to worry that someone we ban will come back and cause even more trouble the next time because they are angry for being banned.
  4. I don't know the answer either. What I DO know, is that for many Second Life residents, harassment via alts is an issue...particularly for people like me who deal with residents in volume. Each computer has its own identity...perhaps just limiting the number of accounts that can be created from one dedicated computer? My husband and I live in the same house, use the same network, and different computers. There are companies that can clearly tell us apart. I am not a network engineer or all that brilliant, so I am not sure how it all works. There has to be an answer. We can't continue to let single individuals create dozens, and perhaps hundreds of accounts from the same computer.
  5. I started this thread because I want people to have some consequences for their actions. My husband Dilbert (who posted earlier) and I have run some of the busiest regions in SL. Our first club, when we owned it, generally ran at 90k+ traffic, and the one we just sold, between 70 to 80k. It is impossible to run a venue that size without having to do deal with some people behaving badly. Instantly some of you jumped on the word "griefer" and saw in your heads something other than was meant. It was also interesting to see some jump to the conclusion that if our griefing was so bad...."what did I do to piss people off?" Harassment and abuse can come in many forms. Our regions were always "PG" and we would often have to ban people for foul language and nudity. It is very interesting how angry some people will get when they are banned from a region, even when the ban is completely justified and the region rules are posted for all to see. Even when they are given warning. Unless you have walked a mile in our shoes, it is very difficult to understand. The percentage of my valuable time that I was spending having to deal with "babysitting" people who find it funny to be able to circumvent the ban system, was becoming overwhelming. If it was just me that they were harassing it would be one thing, but they would come back over and over as different alts and make my staff miserable, and make my guests leave just to avoid having to deal with stupid crap. The abuse of alts needs to be stopped for many reasons. There is no GOOD purpose for anyone to have dozens and dozens of alts. Banning by IP may not be the answer, but having people create an identification path through credit cards and drivers license or ID numbers is another alternative. Many people file frivolous abuse reports, so I am sure it is difficult for LL to sort through and find legitimate problems. I have had guests come to me and ask me to report an avatar for some pretty silly things...."So and so is seriously UGLY, you need to report them"...."So and so just called me a b*tch"...when they are perfectly capable of derendering or muting another avatar they find offensive. (I swear those are real...lol) There needs to be some culpability and consequence to bad actions by people in Second Life. If Linden Labs doesn't have the resources to handle all the abuse reports, then private sim owners who are paying almost 300 USD per month for a sim should be given the tools to keep out someone they want to stay out....from THEIR REGION. We should not be forced to waste our time dealing with the same people over and over again because they think harassment is fun and they have nothing better to do. I have lots better to do.
  6. Regardless of the ridiculous disclaimers that many residents try to add to their profile about "sharing everything"...they are still violating SL's TOS if they do so inside Second Life. My suggestion to you would be to create an outside website for your management/leaders to share any content and comments that need to be shared. Obviously, you will always have to keep in mind that all text can be altered. Anything you haven't seen with your own eyes, written to you, and read on your own computer screen can be suspect. However, setting up an outside website to share internal group issues is you best bet to protect yourself.
  7. Perhaps you are right, but I am searching for solutions we can actually implement. I have run busy regions in SL for many years. Years ago, when we actually had Lindens answering the phones and responding to abuse reports, things were very different. Now, an avatar can come to your region and create utter chaos....abusing the owners, staff, and guests. They are banned and all the appropriate abuse reports are filed. Should be done with them, right? They come back over and over and over again using alt accounts causing the same misery for all involved. The process is exhausting. For those who have never experienced this, it is impossible to understand. I realize that some may end up banned by association, but the money we pay to own these private regions versus these free accounts? To me the rights of those who are paying dearly for service should get some protection. Can they get a new IP...sure they can...but most of the dingdongs engaging in this behavior have short attention spans and if it wasn't as easy as LL is making it for them....they would be less likely to engage in this nonsense.
  8. Linden Lab needs to finally give residents the tools to protect themselves from griefing and harassment. The thousands of abuse reports we all file have no effect and there are no consequences for bad behavior when people can create unlimited alts. We do not need to have a persons private information for Linden Labs to give private region owners, who pay dearly for that right, be able to ban abusers by IP address. It is time for Linden Lab to be concerned about their paying customers rights and stop protecting the rights of griefers and the monsters using tools to copy original content. Second Life should be about "quality" not "quantity" and LL needs to stop worrying about the number of residents they can boast about to corporate clients and finally have REAL numbers of who is playing Second Life and stop all this junk with unlimited alts and bots.
  9. Mulan, I have tried to explain things to you, and you either do not understand, or you simply choose not to. You have been harrassing Dilbert and myself for weeks over something that has nothing to do with us, or our group, Sweethearts Jazz. I have tried to be very patient and understanding with you. The facts are, that the owner of the object that you claim to be an eyesore, just happened to have a tag on for our group when he/she placed the object down. I have explained to you repeatedly what you should do if it is encroaching on your property, and that we have no control over it, and you have continued to defame us.....now with your OWN God awful eyesore. The fact that you cannot follow any specific instructions on how to resolve your problem, and refuse to understand that Dilbert and I are not involved or responsible makes me honestly question your mental state and maybe Second Life isn't a healthy place for you to be. Please stop harrassing us. Charity Colville PS....To any of you that this this is a joke or a stunt, trust me that it is not. My husband and I are at our limit with this person. We cannot do anything regarding this issue for her, and she refuses to leave us alone and has been driving our group members nuts.
  10. Sweethearts! Sweethearts has Valentine's Day all year LONG! Caters to couples, singles and anyone enjoying romance in SL! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sweethearts/82/167/24
  11. Hello Kim and welcome to the Second Life community. My real life husband and I met in Second Life and we have run several successful businesses together. Our current venture, Sweethearts Jazz, we call our "love letter" to Second Life....for giving us each other. We have been strong supporters of the platform, and we have done everything we could to promote it, to promote business inside it, and encourage others to strive and achieve excellence in their Second Life. I wish I could say you have an easy task ahead. In the last month, Second Life has cut our lines of communication. We can no longer get a Linden on the phone or in "live chat". If we call for support, regardless of what the issue is, we are told flatly, "submit a ticket", and get no answer to our tickets. It is difficult for us to continue to "sell" for Linden Labs and promote a platform that we feel has abandoned us. The first level of marketing is through your existing customers. If you can't keep your die hard fans happy, you have a serious problem.....
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