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  1. Heads up to all film makers who got an early invite into Sansar. After installing Sansar for what seemed an eternity you get to log in and you have to agree to the TOS but its a NDA (None Disclosure Agreement) which no one ever reads because its so long. Anyway i went into Sansar had a look around and started filming, as you do. posted the videos on youtube, Anyway got a very stern email from the Sansar team telling me to remove the video because i agreed to the NDA, so the videos are gone lol, So i've been on Sansar twice now and i don't think i will be going back, looks pretty but very slow to load up (30 minutes per sim) which for me was way to long, hopefully they will fix it before its released
  2. Bree Giffen wrote:The ones with long declarations of love for their spouse aren't too bad, except when you see them with someone else!Umm... how do I say this in a forum that isn't A rated... I once was redirected to an adult hub when my home sim was down and was immediately IM'ed by a stranger asking for some... not exactly A rated - more like xxxxxxx rated - action. So I looked around and saw him standing there wearing an OpenCollar and nothing else. Checked his profile: Lovely romantic picture of him and his partner, a longish text about love and fidelity and only one interest listed: Monogamy. I learned one lesson from that: Always have an emergency location in a different sim than your home readily available in your favorites bar so you can tp out the moment you find yourself in one of those hubs.
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