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  1. In that case, since the discussion is about in-world stores, I'm not sure what the L$1 incentive would be. I certainly wouldn't want to pay for an in-world "demo" or expect many others to, though clearly some people do. Is it for statistical reporting? Getting money from a named vendor, since FREE vendor "sales" don't show up in any reports? That would be the only reason that makes sense - and would allow merchants to see which items are looked at and have more sales potential than others. I suppose also the argument about cost-of-prims could come in, but I would think if a mercant sells a good product, people will spend money on it, and demo items needn't be the source of their tier payments.
  2. There are two reasons. One, that it makes tracking easier, has already been answered. The other reason has been around a few years and has nothing to do with the new "roadmap" being discussed. Simply, the reason is that you can't use the "Deliver as Gift" option with FREE items. Obviously selling an item at 1L$ has little to do with greed or squeezing every possible bit of money out of an item, as the actual value of 1L$ to a seller, is almost inconsequential. That said, merchants face a related problem by not pricing demo products at 0L$. Their work doesn't show up in the FREE ITEMS category and won't be discovered through random browsing. But the years-old reason for the 1L$ pricing on demos, is simply to unlock the "Deliver as Gift" option. It allows you to shop and purchase items for a friend.
  3. There are several tools available to determine not only which class server the region is running on, but other characteristics as well such as estate ownership, prim bonus factors, whether the region is openspace or not, and some of the common basics like time dilation and lag measurement. Although I'm sure much of the information made available through many of these tools could be obtained through other methods, something like this conveniently packages all that relevant information: https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=1091445
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