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  1. 1. I am Ok with NOT being welcomed, but it's nice when I am. When I DJ I always try to welcome everybody as soon as they are in chat range. I also run a chim, so I send everybody a chim invite as soon as I can, unless they are obviously a couple. 2. I hate gestures worse than almost anything. I have a few that I made myself that are very low-key, short and offbeat, but I used them maybe 3 times a year. The dreaded HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! gesture and incessant repeated annoying stock phrases about how the DJ ROCKS! will get you muted. 3. All Caps: HATE IT 4. WOW words....see 2.
  2. So, at long last, here's a picture of the evening in question. Dancing In the Rain Nazzy
  3. WOW what a lot of drama. LOL My favorite response so far is the person who basically said, yeah the op made a mistake, cut her some slack. Well the op did NOT make a mistake. The op deliberately lied, deliberately violated the TOS and deliberately attempted to circumvent LL's age verification procedures. No mistakes. Only misdeeds. If, for example, a 40 year-old male had done the same things the op has done, trying to get onto the Teen Grid, we'd have no sympathy if LL came to his house and dug up his DSL line. There was no mistake here. And this kid needs to learn that apologies won
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