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  1. How can i get unused or discontinued entries eliminated from my market place "search for Products " list or SKU. It is confusing to see all the products I have ever sold.... I would like to get the discontinued or delisted ones eliminated from the search list.
  2. IMHO girls (especially the younger ones) don't like "nice guys" because they buy into the sterotype that nice guys are dull and boring. They like the "bad boys ' because they offer "naughtyness, excitment, adreneline rushes, passion, etc , etc. " I think one of the problems is depending on the mental maturity not physical maturity of the girls that they are still in the phase of rebellion and bucking authority and of course in the culture today drugs are very popular and drugs take away inhibitions and give you "bravado " about doing things that you normally wouldn't do . People
  3. Dolcett?? Dolcett? are you kidding.... and you guys are trying to convince me you are not mentally ill? Wow... am I glad i don't know you in real life and be grateful you don't know me either ! Enough.... Discussion closed......... But thanks for all the insights and comments !
  4. Well since i started this thread I would like to repond to some comments 1."So say people who want to stifle free expression (that violates no RL laws because this is a cartoon world) get their way " I am not out to stifle anyone's expression, but you are because it seems you don't like that I have an opinion different from yours. The First Amendment protects my right to free speech as well as yours. 2 There are many things in Second Life that I find repulsive and disgusting AND I don't participate condone, or have anything to do with them . I just ingore them AND the scum who parti
  5. I have been a member of Second Life for close to 8 years and I really feel a need to let off some steam. I saw an event posted yesterday for a "Rape Party" . Yes it was on an Adult Sim and I realize we all make our own choices. However, I was really offened by the need to have "Rape Forced Sex Parties" and advertize that it was for those of us "who really like to have fun". I think that people who need this type of "fun" should find a Second Life Psychiatrist and work thru their rape fantasies instead of promoting it to others . What is next?
  6. Hi ..I create many types of items and I am looking for a new scriptor since the lady who used to work with me left second life. I am willing to pay reasonable rates for help on individual products or work on a split profit on sales for more complicated items. If you are interested in doing this type of work , please contact Lacy217 McLuhan in world.
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