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  1. I personally am very glad these are gone, I remember driving a long the road one day seeing a huge pile up against someones property wall. Though this ugly flat tree wall did look better with a wall of cars infront of it, kind of had a wasteland vibe to it. :matte-motes-tongue:
  2. Now I remember why I rarely come here. These forums are like trying to beat a 10 year old at call of duty, impossible and pointless. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  3. Nope never done it myself. Just sick of people making exuses for this hacker, that LL hasn't done a god damn thing about.
  4. Alicia Sautereau wrote: It`s idiotic users going rampage worldwide accepting anything and everything *clicky clicky clicky* that get infected without using their brains or commen sense and refuse to spend a few bucks on a good virus scanner while spending tons on their stupid gadgets and then complain. Are you kidding me? Thats a stupid way to look at it. When they get this file is usually from a friends skype account, theres nothing idiotic about it, they accept it thinking its a friendly file from there friend. Also most virus scanners can't detect it till its launched. I know about 15 people that got hacked by this, and there not stupid, they fell for a trick that anyone that does not know about this skype virus can fall for. Why don't you use your brain and not assume that everyone that has been hacked are "idiotic users". kthanxbai.
  5. I'm not fearmongering, I have been on SL a loong time. I've seen clients that can do that and more. If a client can copybot it can certainly track an avatar. Infact you used to be able to map anyone through the advanced menu by turning on administrator settings.
  6. There is ways to track avatars across the grid unfortunatly, my friend used to track me down all the time and he didn't have my map rights, might be an inworld thing might be a bad SL client.
  7. Well some exuse I've heard is that there trying to save the hassle of you going from buy to the page of objects you get when you buy something free then scrolling all the way down then clicking continue etc, but its a pretty poor exuse.
  8. Perrie Juran wrote: Leslie Trihey wrote: Wow only one thread on this? People should be worried about this more then they are, I have reconized at least 23 people on the list, and there latest attack they just charged 100K lindens to someones account. There outing personal information and using friends skype accounts against people to get that information. Counted or actually recognized? I did look at his web site and he is targeting specific groups / type of RP. While the tricks he is using are actually fairly simple, he is very good at deploying them. I am surprised that this is the first time I'm seeing this attack brought up, especially seeing how long he has been at it. Not that we need a hundred threads about it. One is enough. I didn't really do much digging on it but my wee little brain says that for as long as this exploit has been around anti-virus software should be catching it. It is by no means a new trick any more. Actually reconized, and half them I know personally. The trick about this virus is that there using friends accounts against people, the reason so many people have fallen for it is that they accepted it without thinking when there friends sent it. As far as I know its hard to detect by a virus program.
  9. Wow only one thread on this? People should be worried about this more then they are, I have reconized at least 23 people on the list, and there latest attack they just charged 100K lindens to someones account. There outing personal information and using friends skype accounts against people to get that information.
  10. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: NikCruze wrote: ... sometimes just venting on a forum feels good y'know.... See, that's fine and understandable, venting we can all sympathise with. In your OP, though, you have "Why oh why do you, LL," and "Please LL, look at what you did" - which rather makes it look as if you're trying to address LL. That ain't us. It also remains the point that the very fundamental structure of SL (and OpenSim) is the 'sim' - fixed at 256m in SL. The IT handshake and data-handoff for changing sims has got better and better over the years but is always going to be a weak point. No problem for walking or even flying at avatar speeds, but as I pointed out in another thread a WWII aircraft would typically need to cross 40 sims per minute! It isn't going to happen and, whatever you as an individual group may have spent on aircraft, LL isn't going to rebuild the system from the ground up (pun) to make aviation any easier. SL wasn't designed for it, SL wasn't built for it. LL didn't do it. Some residents got together and built/operated something for which SL isn't a suitable platform. Congratulations to them for their persistance and achievement. But when it doesn't work like you want it to it isn't going to be a priority for LL. Because SL is, inherently, not a suitable platform for aviation. So you should be suprised (and impressed) at what DOES work.. Or back-up your "threats" and leave for somewhere that does support aviation properly. A few years ago SL wasn't a suitable platform for anything, animations, clothing, hard core bdsm (lol), even flexi hair. Now it is, and can be for aviation and vehicles in general as well. Sim crossings never used to be this bad, and if LL actually tried to fix them they could, and it would not take a very long time. Also these script errors that a lot of people are having generally tend to fix themselves.
  11. I blame the gorean combat system for the lack of good gorean roleplay, specifically making women avatars incredibly weaker then male avatars.
  12. [sac] and d1&mtg are great weapons makers they look great and fire great. Avoid breach unless you wanna pretty looking roleplaying gun, breach bullets can lag the hell out a sim if fired to much.
  13. Insilico and the The doomed ship are two buisy ones I believe. Insilicio is a cyberpunk city and the doomed ship is well, a doomed ship lol.
  14. http://www.ma3comic.com/strips-ma3/sandra_interlude_-_strip_three Thanks in advanced. :D
  15. Beat her with a sack of oranges, it doesn't leave a bruise .
  16. It is an adult sim but there are a lot of rules in place to keep the child avs seperate from the adult situations. Were also restricted from going into a major portion of the hathian sim
  17. My character is around CD every so often, she's 15. I'll rp with ya. ^^
  18. 2000L appeared on my account today that I have no idea were it came from, the transaction comes up as Source: SYSTEM Gift . It can't be a premium stipend because im not a premium member. Not sure what I should do.
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