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  1. Thanks for writing and giving me a link to your article about dual monitors. While I was speaking of "dual monitors" only in the way of "I have two monitors". After your clarification and all the great suggestions about achieving minimum avatar complexity I decided to hone what I have been doing a long time. I have gone back to a single monitor and have practiced the use of the radar and big map to keep both active on the monitor but minimized. It has taken some practice but it is almost second nature to me now. Thanks to you input on the dual monitor and everyone else's advice on achieving minimum avatar complexity. 🤗 👌
  2. We must be using different versions of SL. With the version I have I never have go to the bathroom, wash down the boat after a cruise, or shave my legs. And overtime things look and feels perfect. Besides I would look pretty silly with shaved legs. 😝
  3. Thanks for the idea Lindal. I'll give that a try but I always assumed that stretching a single avatar's view across two monitors would create a stretched out view. Is that not the case?
  4. the reason i need a seccond avatar is that I want a half screen of radar and a half screen of map. Rhonda Radar will fill that function on my right hand monitor while I skipper the boat with full view (not blocked by overlaying radar and map) from the left monitor. Thanks for the observation/question. I forgot to mention that I have a dual monitor.
  5. Qie, A lot to be digested there. I will study it all. I will be in the boat as the skipper and the alt will be in the boat to display the radar and map. I just created her. She is RhondaRadar. She has cute sunglasses that she might keep on unless those can be shown to have noticeable negative effect. I will be working on getting scripts down for both myself and her.
  6. TDD, Marigold, and Maitimo, Thanks to all three of you.
  7. I want to patrol my regions in a boat and use maximum radar and map displays. To do this I need to have an alt on board which displays only radar and maps. Thus I need to create an alt with minimum avatar complexity to deal with sim crossing issues. Can someone advise me how to do that?
  8. You indeed were lucky if you missed them. Until last week they were seen in the Contested Waters of the Blake Sea nearly on a daily basis with out and out combat happening a couple times a week. A number of yacht clubs in SL stopped having races in the Blake (which was created for sailing first) because of the frequency of military presence and combat. I have gotten a number of messages in the past week from sailors saying how much better it has been to sail in the Blake Sea this week and already clubs and crusing societies are coming back or planning to come back to host events.
  9. The criteria for a name for the linden water sea was simple. We wanted a name that would be seen positively by SL sailors. For reasons explained in the article LL rejected the name Slocum Sea after Joshua Slocum who first sailed around the world single-handed. Sir Peter Blake was chosen because he is seen as a positive figure who is loved and respected by most sailors. Yes, the Whitbread, Verne and Amerca's Cup victories were major feathers in his cap. But at least as important and pehaps more so (depending on your view) was his work with the Cousteau Society and the United Nations. These efforts set him up as a highly respected sailor and worthy of having a virtual sea named after him. The fact that he died at the hands of pirates adds mystique to the world's view of this great man. Hehehe, about a year ago I got a message from a sailor complaining that it besmirched Peter's memory that we allowed pirate ships in the Blake Sea.
  10. Where to begin with the problems? Here we go... Search for: AIRPORT (Any measure of the popularity of a location ought to be based on traffic. Searching in the old viewer in PLACES with the search term AIRPORT will review the following traffic numbers and rankings (note: obvious non-airports are ignored such as Sex sites that have the word aiport in their teaser terms at the end and thus become top rated airports since the traffic number is for the sim). Traffic Rank New Viewer Rank Name 18899 1 35 Olds Air Force Base 10548 2 30 Hollywood Airport 101 100 7 Hollywod Airport Terminal 1668 19 1 SLPG Prague Airport So what does the new viewer show? After you delete all the high traffic listings that put dozens of teaser terms at the end of their descriptions to get fake top ratings in any of a number of fields, including airports we are told...... The two most popular airports in SL today (1- Olds Airport, and 2- Hollywood Airport) are ranked 35th and 30th respectively in the new search. A parcel that is virtual barren (Hollywood Airport Terminal) is ranked #6 in the new search. The top rated airport in both the old ALL web search AND the new search (SLPG Prague is 19th in actual traffic. Pardon me if i call the SL search system FUBAR (Futzed Up Beyond All Recognition).
  11. Say is isn't so Jack. Say it isn't so!
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