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  1. My husband says thankyou so much for the quick response. fingers crossed that they let him have his account back. I dont think they realize how much peoples accounts mean to them. The loose friends money and everything. me and my husband met on second life I lived in the u.k and he lived in the u.s, march this year I moved over to be with him rl and we got married 12th april this year x so second life means alot to us xx thankyou again love rachael x
  2. My rl husband has had his account locked, He signed out we went out for food came back and it said to call a number. So he called the number the guy on the phone couldnt help so he told him to submit a ticket. He submitted a ticket and the responce said becasue he isnt a "PREMIUM! account holder they couldnt do anything for him, they couldnt even explain why. Me and my husband design and make things to sell on xstreet, the ban his account but carry on selling the thing we made and take the funds. is this fair??? no!!! Can someone give me answers please I am about to loose it and call a lawyer. We have spent hundreds of $ on this game and its not right to close a account without at least a warning from rachael jinx
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