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  1. Im italian so, i think im def not in the prohibited area Anyway I will ticket support soon then.
  2. I'm a 11 yrs and 3 months living in secondlife( in real life im 31) I have payment and I'm not in an illegal state, what should I do to enable myself for it?
  3. Ok, seems I almost got it, but now the problem is, after i setup the material for that object, and these are the 2 result: 1)If I join them, both object takes the same material, so or they become both invisible, or they become both visible 2)If I don't join them, they act like something weird. Maybe I'm too newbie in blender Edit: I tried the second method you said, and seems like it keeps the height like it should be, I will do further tests.
  4. Sting McMahon

    Nano mesh?

    I made a very tiny object. And it's very slim. When the object is resized to big dimensions is still slim, when I resize it to the minimum possible, 0.10 is too way big as a size. I seriously tried several methods, and someone explained to me, there is a trick to do it, i tried and failed. Can someone explain me in detail how to do it in Blender? I wanted to test to upload a plane and it's slim like I need it, but can't make it happen on the NURB i use to create the base of it,
  5. Exactly, even without info, we reached the goal. Any name it will be given, it will show ( ) that even means for (.) or ( ) and I think is a direct SL upgrade, to evade people that fakes other messages maybe? I swear.. it would be messy to upgrade all the "billions"* babblers I made until now,even because I never builded the autoupdater(my fault) *billions: doesn't mean I sold em XDD
  6. After much time I've been away from SL for medical issues a customer tells me: I was using your product and was saying (noname) Name Lastname: message. Okay, this thing surprised me, thinking my code was been altered somehow when I was too tired of scripting. But it was my clean code, without any changements. Now tell me, before all my customers comes at me with a flamethrower asking me what happened, how can I delete that (noname) thing? I checked, there is nothing that is wrong with LLIstantmessage thing, it's exactly how always been explained on the books For curiosity I clicked on it and r
  7. Aggiornamento: ho capito che riguarda la toolbar della playboost, ma io non voglio quell'opzione, qualcuno sà come disabilitarlo?
  8. Ho voluto cliccare sopra.. continua a uscire.. qualcuno mi spiega, non capisco! E' pubblicità? E' un nuovo modo di guadagnare Linden? Spiegatemi, mi sto preoccupando.
  9. I did everything possible. Clearing cache, inventory, restarting the viewer, changing the viewer, changing operating system, nothing works. If I rebake textures, it gives me a basic female nude shape, and it's "better" than being smoke. plus, it doesn't give me the apparences button. Often it says: Failed to load body from database. Please Help. :( This is the message if I try to wear a shape: Can't change appearance until clothing and shape are loaded. Sigh..
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