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  1. Dear LL, we are not Baby´s, we are not stupid individuums, we are not crap! So do your work and pay us the money that we have earned because of our work and our sales. I am tired of reading the same bla bla bla when something new from LL does not work. Your new advanced system does not work at all! Put on the old system and do your homework. Have you heard of Beta testers? I guess not. I sell on marketplace and dont get payed, i buy on markedplace and if I dont watcht carefully I buy the same thing, tow times, three times, four times, because the marketplace does not update the basket after purchase! I too have to pay my rentals to other people and at last instance to LL. So dont tell us that you need more then three days to investigate on a filed case. You received the transaction code via filed bug report, you are able to see into my account and actually see that I wasnt payed, so what is your problem? I personally dont care if you cant find the money due to your recent update, that is not my problem, but it is my Money. So pay me or I withdraw all of my shops from marketplace and inform all of my customers, a few hundret filed in a sales report system that actually works, that marketplace has huge problems and that merchants are not beeing payed for their work. AnnaL Shepherd
  2. Hi guys, two weeks ago i bought a product and now wanted to write a review. when I went to marketplace and clicked the "write a review" button it said you first have to buy the product. So I went back to my account back to the deliverd products and wrote the review from there, hit send and.......review is gone and not showing up. so Itryed it again a day later (since nothing showed up) and now everytime I click write review it takes me back to the main site of marketplace. I tryed with different browsers. So what can that be and how can I resolve it, cause I want a nice review for the merchant i bought the item from. Anna
  3. Ok, thank you so far, this is what I thought. I cant sculpt or mesh, never have tryed it so therefore I buy sculptmaps. I have to talk then to the creator if he is willing to do his work again. Anna
  4. Hi Guys, probally a thumb Question. But is there any chance of bringing a full perm sculptmap on a nano prim, so to make from a normal prim dimension jewellery? I think its not possible, but I wanted to ask. Anna
  5. UPDATE I followed the makeover and edited the registry. Worked perfectly, so thanks again. Anna
  6. Ok, thank you for that information, yes I have sky-drive and the problem is here since a few weeks. so i will uninstall it when i use to load up or down. Thank you very much. Anna
  7. Hi Guys, I cant upload anny pictures annymore and I cant save anny pictures I take to my harddrive. This ocured after I think one of the last updates made by LL. I use Secondlife Viewer Beta and Firestorm latest. Bot crash if I attempt to upload or save. so maybe someone has an idea. and yes my grafic card drivers are the newest Ciao Anna
  8. Ah ok, got that. Thx for answering. Anna
  9. Hi guys, one little Question I never thought of since i sell my goods via marketplace or vendors. I made a litlle Cowbell for a friend. In the product i signed buy for......a Copy So the objekt sells a copy. Is that Copy again saleable and who gets the money for it? so example Objekt a.) - Money for me Objekt b.) - Money for?..... Me or the one who puchased it from Objekt a.)? Just curious, thx for listening Anna
  10. Due to Tos reasons i removed the name :-) Its not the 100 Linden its my own stupidness, but people like her spoil the comunity. Havent we all seen better times in SL? Well dont care about that annymore. Farewell
  11. Hi folks, call me a nut or whatever but I stumbled over the oldest trick in the world. There is a girl/boy that asks in several groups for 142 Linden so she can pay her rent. Stating to pay it back next day. Well we all where in trouble from time to time isnt it so? I gave her 100 and did not get it back. LOOOL and that after 5 years of experience in SL. Ciao Anna
  12. Ok Guys made my decission thx for listening and answering. Have a great rest week Anna
  13. Ok thx for the info, that is what i expected. Regarding the split ok that is a point, but since its an Alt i receive the 100% or is there an better outcome when i split it? Anna
  14. Hi Guys, is there the possibillity to have more then one store on the sl market beside of having an Alt? I am crating Artworks and dont want the themes to be messed up. thx for listening Anna
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