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  1. In Real Life Capture the flag (CTF) is a traditional outdoor game where two teams each have a flag (or other marker) and the objective is to capture the other team's flag, located at the team's "base," and bring it safely back to their own base. It is also played in computergames And we play it in secondlife!! The only thing you need to know is how to shoot with a bow (later you can learn to switch from bow to melee ) there are many sims where you can learn how to use the bow i write in short how to use your bow : wear the bow and the gestures ,(the whole folder)the gestures are the commands to let you draw your bow and do other settings then you put on always run (ctrl R ) go in mouselook by pressing M or scroll in with your mousewheel then you shoot by pressing the left button on your mouse come to join the game but please lower your scripts and complexity the higher the worser you will make it for yourself and others and the sim (lower the lag! ) so you may join in any outfit you like ,even if you want to come naked ^^ Join the CTF group for announcements when and where the game is played : secondlife:///app/group/1acd38ee-f50a-72b6-a94b-4a46eedfbfb8/about The games are played on these sims and days (in the ctf group they will ask to join if someone starts a game ) : Saturday and Monday, 1:00 PM SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Valkyrie Forest/36/53/2009 Tuesday and Thursday, 12:00 PM SLT Friday 1:00 PM SLT- they play capture the leader ,if you shoot down the leader of the other team ,your team wins http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jungle of Sin/118/209/2961 Sunday 1:00 PM SLT CTF http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Ruins/49/108/2607 Hope to see you there !
  2. i wear my old belleza skin as BoM on my belleza isis mesh body ,head is not made of mesh 😉 i also wear Izzie's - Pubic Hair on my mesh bodyas a tatoo layer ,can not show lol and Sweet's BoM Quick Nailfix - Feet (color me!) also for hands (are free on market place i am sooooooo happy with bakes on mesh
  3. i have now the belleza isis body and using the alpha layers in the hud i thought it would solve the alpha problem !! no it doesnt , some parts you cant make invisible there should be more parts making alpha more small parts ,so that all clothes can fit better
  4. i am often at roleplay sims but i never roleplay LOLLLLLLLLLLL at least not the rp i have seen there , i see them rp like talking about themselfs as third person like marja looks at you and thinks .......... it seems that if you talk the roleplay language ^^ as yourself , like ME or I then it comes emotionial close to you if you act like a third person ,if is further from yourself , so that is playing a ROLE that is the way i see it i often say if i see roleplay stories in local , because they chat in local if they roleplay i rather read a good book ! but if they have fun with the stories , live and let live ;-)) it is not my thing so i fight only on rp sims , the fights are great to do ,there are often games with teams and i do not raid either ,that ends sometimes in roleplay
  5. hi molly thank you very much i will look at it and do what you said here i hope this works !
  6. what about CARP ? capture and roleplay at the jungle of sin , you wear the jungle meter with several modes in it :roleplay ( prey or predator) - capture releases(no one can hold you ) and games mode use the free bows and shoot at eachother , maybe let yourself captured or capture someone else at the jungle you decide what to play and no is there no they are planning to make tribes , the jungle is not so laggy and for certain it is not a gor sim ! hope to see you there ;-))
  7. thanks rolig for reacting yes i have looked ,it is a av sitter
  8. hi all several times i have adjusted the poses in furniture often it is suddenly broken i can not even get the menu open so i take it back and put it down again then all old settings are back the ones i worked on to adjust is all gone how can i let my adjust poses stays ??? it is everytime a lot of work thanks
  9. i got the alpha layer ,it is found on market thank you very much Kweopi !!!
  10. thanks kweopi i have post in wanted here is the link to the pic also thanks to janet !! i understand it all very very well , it is so hard , even if you buy a shirt with an aplha ,sometimes that alpha is not right either
  11. Marja Geesink

    alpha layer

    someone wants to make an alpha for me so i put the pic here take your time , no need to hurry i am so thankfull ,i hope this pic will show you the right spots !
  12. Marja Geesink

    Female AO

    hi try them at KUSO and put them in the firestorm viewer ,lesser laggy too when you put them in the viewer they are good and not expensive at KUSO
  13. thanks for reacting i already love BOM ! looking forwards to it but with a classic body and mesh clothes , you still need alpha`s i can not make alpha `s ,i will look on you tube how ,i am pretty sure i will not make it ;-)) too difficult ! can you find the alpha packs ? i keep searching too
  14. lol sorry 3 is too many right ! this mesh avi of altamura was free , i edit the shape a bit after so many years in sl ,i try to find the right mesh avi for me
  15. hi everyone;-)) , i still use my great looking classic avatar LOL yeah you laughed and did someone ever made all kinds of different alpha layers ?? for all kind of clothes and sizes?for pants ,for shirts/tops,tanks and so on i try to find an alpha for my shirt ,i tried a lot of demo`s what looks like my shirt ,but none fits right i also see that with my mesh avatar ,yesssss!!! i do have one and the hud for alpha is not always working well the alpha cut is wrong on that place ,because of the outfit so my question is is there a pack of alpha layers for sale on market or inworld ?? i have search ,so far i can not find any if you know more , let me know many thanks !
  16. when i was new in sl , i was working on my avatar a lot , to make it better everytime ,but now these days you buy a body and head and you are done ^^ i try to find free good clothes ,hairstyles and shoes , i have danced a lot and also visited real performers who sings live in sl ,doing hunts for free stuff ,playing board games , like backgammon wich you do with someone else , playing mahjong wich you can play alone or together ,you can also do quests with a hud you have to buy or take , i play fight games with teams, where you have to shoot with a bow and fight with sword and a blowdart , you can just shoot around on a friend , to get more better and to learn , those games are almost everyday and is a lot of fun and like many people ,i also make pictures in sl and sometimes i even join photocontest who made the best picture of ..... and the one i like , i will place on flickr
  17. hi, i am not playing in gor but CARP , capture and roleplay, of CARP sims there are not many but of gor there are too many sims! all those sims needs people and they are spreaded all over the gor sims ,only when there is a raid or a rescue ,there are many people no raid then here are a few,there are a few, instead of that all gor sims works more together then you will save money and you will have more people secondlife is lately very quiet ........
  18. they can find me inworld ,LM is in my picks and still not getting wiser about tribes ^^ thanks all for who reacted
  19. Marja Geesink


    hi all , we need people to join tribes , so leaders and members the sim is jungle themed ,we got a meter and weapons several modes are in the meter , like roleplay , capt/releases and games mode i have no idea what a tribe is doing ,roleplaying ofcourse ^^ they can fight with eachother and the winner gets..... if you can tell me more about tribes , let me know !
  20. if you feel alone in SL , come to the sim where i go , we play games there , with weapons like bow ,spear,sword,blowdart ,for a starter we know how to get free weapons , everyone can learn to use the weapons ,it just needs practising , even after 5 years of using them ,i am still learning and still have fun , for me , i just shoot with someone they call that sparring or i join a game ,with 2 teams ,mostly we play the game with 10-15 people and the more the better !! so come too and make friends in mean while we see often people are being quiet ,but they just join the games and having fun and slowly we get to know eachother better ;-))) hope to see you !
  21. Hello KathrynCiel , I also have a classic avatar and some stores still have clothes or stuff for us , some have mesh with an alpha layer for classic avatars wich i also use and if they do not have an alpha layer , i will try the alphas i got just try all kind of demo`s of mesh and i look how my animation works on it sometimes the mesh breaks with the movements , so i do not buy that greetings marja
  22. We still have our classic bodies and faces and still love them ;-)) over the years we have changed it bit by bit ,this is how we are now
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