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  1. I am not sure of the exact reason for your difficulty, but Linden plants have special properties. Although they are only 1 prim each, it is quite obvious when you rezz them that they are very complex and sophisticated objects indeed (indeed, no other trees on sale in Second Life have quite the same realistic effect). Despite being only 1 prim each, they do contribute quite heavily to lag, and it may be that the restrictions referred to are to do with the special nature of these objects. Until I had a parcel of land, I had various places around SL where I could rezz objects if I chose - ho
  2. Tid Kidd

    second life.com

    I am not sure what you did since you joined? These are the usual steps people take when signing up to Second Life : Register on the website secondlife.com by completing a few details such as email address and choosing an avatar name Decide whether to enter Second Life via a Community Gateway, or Orientation Island Download the Second Life client software Acknowledge the email Once the registration is complete, the next step is to launch the Second Life Client Viewer (which was downloaded as part of the registration). On the front screen, enter your avatar name and your password, and a
  3. The only thing you need to be premium account for, is to buy land directly off LL. So the answer to your question is "No".
  4. One other way to play a gesture : start typing its shortcut name into the chat line - Autofill will then complete the name of the gesture for you . For example - to play /squeak from the Gestures list means Mouse down to Gestures and Click Scroll down the (maybe long) list while looking for /squeak click /squeak in the list By now, time is ticking by... Whereas, if you simply type /sq into the Chat line, Autofill will immediately make it "/squeak", just hit Enter
  5. Q. How do I update the graphics drivers for my Mac? A. Most Macs (except the Mac Pro) have non-upgradeable graphics cards - i.e. it's the same card for the life of the Mac. As for drivers, they are included with the system software itself, not as separate 'driver downloads'. Providing you have the latest version of whichever OS X you run (and for SL that means either "Tiger" 10.4 or "Leopard" 10.5) then your graphics drivers will be up-to-date.
  6. All Macs have had an "alt" key for some years now. So the Mac option is Ctrl-Alt-D, exactly the same as a PC. (For reference, the alt key is the same as the (older) Option key - some keyboards may show both labels).
  7. "Busy" is sometimes a useful option, but at other times it is a nuisance. It stops all Group IMs from arriving, and it also stops Local Chat. However, other IMs may get your "Busy mode" message but they still get through! Which is great if you want to answer, not so good if you don't. What Busy should do is give you some options. For example, if you are at an event, or a business meeting, or a discussion group, or with a group of friends, then you WANT to see the Local Chat - it's IMs you'd like to switch off so you are not distracted from the immediate surroundings. If you're at a ty
  8. In fact, you don't even need to "Tear off" the IM to close it - just click its small X top right (it will be just below the larger X for the whole Communicate window).
  9. Please bear in mind that there is one circumstance where you ARE allowed to "copy and paste" chat. If you are filing an Abuse Report, especially where you feel someone has broken the Terms of Service (TOS) or Community Standards (CS), then it is perfectly acceptable to copy and paste their chat into the Comment area of the A.R. in order to support your report.
  10. Places to find free (or alternative) clothing : Most mentors ("Second Life Mentor" over their name) have landmarks to places where you can get free clothes Many mentors also have some free clothing they can give out if you ask them Your Inventory > Library folder > Clothing folder has all the default avatars and their outfits Many stores have freebies as well as outfits you have to pay for
  11. All the Help Islands (Help Island Public, Help Island Public2, the first Help Island where you arrive) have a Sandbox where you can practice building. They also have display boards with good tutorials to help you learn.
  12. More about other languages In your Preferences, you can choose which language your version of SL displays for menus and buttons, etc : Edit > Preferences > General At the bottom you will see a drop down menu for languages - there are several non-English languages featured, i.e. Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Magyar, Polski, Portugues, Chinese, Japanese, Korean. There is also a very useful free translator you can get which only one person needs to "Wear" to have a conversation : click Search, then the All tab type in simbolic click the Search button click the si
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