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  1. Soundwaves is a new open air club looking to hire DJs that can play one of the following genres, Jazz/Blues. Classic Rock or Country, Ability to work between 4 to 8 SL time is required. Sets are 2 hours each.Current openings for Wed, Thurs and Friday 6 to 8 Sets. Must have your own stream. Tips are 100%. If interested, please contact Sprite Teardrop inworld to obtain an application and arrange for a time when she can hear your stream and see you work. Thanks, Sprite Teardrop Soundwaves
  2. Heya, What times are you available for sets. We are a new club and are looking for someone with your sounds. Please IM me inworld and we can talk further. Thanks! Sprite Teardrop Soundwaves Owner
  3. I am looking for a country DJ for a new club, Soundwaves. We are a multi genre club with an outdoor venue. Please contact me inworld (Sprite Teardrop) for an application if you are interested. Also, are you spinning anywhere at this time, I would like to come and hear you set. Thank you. Sprite Teardrop
  4. I am trying to post an event in the Events area. I have been doing this for awhile. Now i get an error message reading: The event appears to contain adult material, but is on a General or Mature region. Please choose an adult region. Refer to the Maturity ratings wiki page for more details. I have reviewed my event and it does not mention anything at all remotely considered adult! It is for an event at a club for a DJ and dancing. This is extremely frustrating.
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