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  1. Today I received an email, a communication from Linden Labs. It seems that they deleted one of my postings here. You posted a chatlog on a forum LL controls that contained full avatar names without showing that you had their permission to do so. Now, that doesn't mean that LL still wouldn't have deleted the post if the chatlog had been anonymized in some way. But it doesn't matter if the conversation posted occurred in open chat - it's still against LL's ToS to post the chatlog in a venue owned by LL without the express consent of all concerned. ETA: (in case you were wondering) No, I didn't AR your post - I actually thought it a good example of what goes on in such places. I seldom post here at all, actually - and for the record the only flogrum AR I can recall ever making was against Wasted when he was making death threats left and right.
  2. War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, and LL loves you. We've always been at war with Eastasia. (Oh *** I actually posted here... again. I need a shower - and a plunger).
  3. We are paying you (albeit indirectly). The reciprocity in that relationship (service provider / customer) is not being fullfilled. No axes to grind, really. But you still don't get it.
  4. So this has been my attempt to explain the thinking behind a statement like "options bad". I hope it's helped -- has it? Tell me in the comments I read the transcript, top to bottom. And I'll tell you what I think: I've never seen a dev team so disassociated from their customers. I've never seen this level of sheer condescension, disdain, and arrogance in any team, anywhere. This is obviously a lost cause. Do what you want with Viewer 2 - as long as we don't have to use it. Most already don't, and from what I've just read I don't see that changing any time soon. Have fun with your project. It's certainly not ours.
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