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  1. try changing your router channel it worked for me kinda slow but I was able to log in
  2. The account have been compromised it means to say if she is a premium account it has a monthly or yearly dues if her card doesnt have enough fund to pay this second life has no choice to hold the account until such time that she can pay her dues. when we give up premium account we should also abandon our sl house or else linden lab will continue to charnge us every month or yearly depending on your terms that you have agreed upon with sl
  3. Ive been messaging linden lab and no response from them. Why its taking too long for the payout from sl to paypal
  4. I have tried using pink fuel appliers for maitreya for my alvulo skin im using virginia skin and i see no problem on the neck area. you can always buy a demo first
  5. it depends might be you are in a laggy place... when wearing numerous mesh body parts choose add not wear...
  6. FOR firestorm viewer go to preference user interface.... interface window you will see show received items folder this is for the latest viewer fo firestorm i hope it helps coz it was hidden there
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