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  1. In December of last year, LL changed how newly joining non-US residents bought Lindens. They replaced the blue/white credit card screen and the take me to set up PayPal screen with the SecondLife Cashier. http://wiki.secondlife.com/w/index.php?title=Linden_Lab_Official:Local_Payments_FAQ&diff=prev&oldid=1065892 The lab stated that existing (Non-US) residents would continue to use the old system, but PayPal became unusable and it is not possible to choose it as a payment method anymore. This leaves long term, non-US residents with a choice of using one expensive credit card or another - both expensive because the credit card companies charge a fee and make profit from the exchange rate too. On average buying lindens to the value of US$50, actually costs nearer US$60. The new Secondlife Cashier is better for some non-US residents because it allows us to be billed in local currency and to use our bank cards, without fee. However this system is still not available to longer term residents and neither is PayPal. The Lab states on the Local Payments FAQ page: "Warning: Initially, the new payment system will be available only to new Residents outside the US, and to those who do not have existing payment information on file. Soon, the system will available to existing Residents outside the US who already have payment information on file." That was in December last year, it's 3 months later, so how soon will the system be available to "existing Residents"?
  2. Yes, your bum does look fat in that. I think that's one thing a guy should never say, can think of many others and I know there are, as yet, millions of undiscovered wrong things I will say in the future. It was once said that only two things in life are guaranteed, death and taxes, and yet I have never agreed. I believe there to be three: death, taxes and saying something seemingly innocuous which leads to several days of digging yourself out of a hole.
  3. My signature is how Winston Churchill signed-off all his letters. You'll need to look it up to find the meaning of the acronym. I use it because, as did he, I understand, bad or worse, good or better, we all do have to KBO.
  4. Quinn Morani wrote: I haven't personally read it and therefore can't vouch for quality of writing, but there is a self-published novel by Huckleberry Hax titled AFK. I just did a search and here is a link to the free PDF download: AFK novel And here is a review: Review of AFK I've read that and it's a good read.
  5. Welcome to Second Life. It is great to hear you intend to spend time as an alt and I hope you have fun finding out what the world has to offer. There are so many beautiful places to visit, so much live music to go hear and so many interesting people to meet. Good luck! You'll love it.
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