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  1. I will Im you and help you out.
  2. The only thing Virwox Limits is Buying Lindens ( to help prevent charge backs ) they have no limits on withdrawls to paypal. I talked to them personaly via email and inworld when requesting my kiosk and asked several questions, withdrawl limits was one of those questions. I myself have already done a few cashouts and got my money in meer seconds after requesting ( other then the first transaction ) that took maybe 15 min if that. As of now this is my choice for cashing out, the rates are better then xstreet was, my only regret is that I did not find this place sooner.
  3. I just used the VirWox site, while it was a litte confusing at first to me with some help from a friend it went nicely. They held my first paypal transaction all of 20 min if that as a first transaction, now its instant. I emailed the support team there and got a FAST reply with DETAILED responses to my quesions. GREAT alternative to LindenX. and No I don't work there ither, but heard about them ( was leary ) cause of the apez thing, but it worked out. I recomend them if you want your $ now Like I do.
  4. I have to make another comment. I just dont understand what the point of taken this away is at this time. It is in place, it is instant, and as you can tell this will effect SEVERAL merchants many who prob will not bother to comment cause it really never does any good, cause you will do as you want and to heck with the people that PAY YOUR SALARY. This will cripple many people having to wait. Luckly I have a PayPal card so as soon as it hits paypal I am good, but still having to wait 3-5 or more days for MY MONEY when I have my bills set on a schedule like many others do is just plain stupid to toss out the instant cashouts when its in place and working. Why not keep this exchange open untill the lindenX is ready to handle the instant cash outs? I can understand if it takes a few cashouts on lindenX to become instant just like we all had to with xstreet Xchange 2-3 or so cashouts before it was instant. When will LindenX be instant or at the very most 24 hour time frames to get money??????? My last question is this. My sim tier is due soon, can I wait to pay it to you 3-5 days later?? NO! I can't so why should we have to wait for our money?
  5. Agreed we need LindenX to be Instant or at least next day at the very latest, Many of us have this as a RL income and have a schedule that has been set based on the abilty to cash out instantly. PLEASE resolve this issue that is sure to be one for many of users all over sl. Thanks
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