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  1. We did another KPOP inspired video with paragon dances. This time it's Itzy not shy.. Hope you like it. Was fun. Next will be how you like that..
  2. Yep I remember this to. Was really impressed. Thanks for bringing it up.
  3. Hi I have been working on some KPOP music videos with some friends and SL and thanks to the releases from paragon and other dance animation creators. Here are some if our videos of you like to take a look.. Dudu teaser Icecream Video Its all done in sl I build the sets and do the camerawork Rose plans the dances and outfits with the others. We will be making more soon it's a lot of work so probably one a month. Hope you all like it and come visit us at persona club in sl..
  4. We did a video as blackpink working with the paragon animation releases to do others.. If you would like to take a look. All the members are listed . We are working on itzy right now so we don't really stick to one band.. Most of the backgrounds and camera work we're made by me from scratch. Rose.. Plans all the dances and outfit with the others. You can find all of us at the persona club in sl. Drop by when you want to. As far as I know there is a few blackpink cover bands in sl.. We plan to do a show once we went through a few videos.. I also did a dudud test run..Also none of th
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