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  1. Its still not working.. I even tried lowering it way down to 50 but its weird.. It will let me get in about 2 minutes of rezzing, and sometimes can see everything but wont let me move then logs out.. Sometimes it says gesture unable to load, I even tried detaching everything in the few minutes it lets me in. Also during that time I can chat in IMs if the person pms me first.. so its strange I am at a lost for what else to try? Any other suggestions?
  2. The last 3 days have been horrible, I try to log in and it will either go beneath water, or all grey, sometimes it tells me gesture unable to load and then now sometimes the lindens will load and my objects and sometimes they wont.. Either way it wont let me log in keeps booting me after I try.. I switched grapics to the lowest, rebooted thousands of times, reinstalled, and I keep trying, if I am lucky it goes through and works and I dont have any problems but now it seems I cant even get that luck.. Any suggestions on what I can do please?
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