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  1. if you still need help feel free to IM me inworld :smileywink:
  2. Welchen Viewer verwendest du denn? hab von dem Problem noch nie gehört oder gelesen, eventuell hilft ja einfach eine Neuinstallation sollte der Fehler am Viewer liegen.
  3. Helly everyone :matte-motes-big-grin: I just found this new Community and since there are still some parcels available i was thinking that you should know about this :) Following parcels/sizes available: - 13456 sqm / L$ 5684 per week / 3849 prims - 6496 smq / L$ 2790 per week / 1858 prims - 3600 sqm / L$ 1590 per week / 1029 prims - 2400 sqm / L$ 1070 per week / 686 prims The land is perfect for commercial or residental needs, and if you talk to the owner first, they`re just offering a "First Week Free Rent Special" which you first have to qualify to, i dont know exactly how it w
  4. This are the last 24hours before the offer ends! Final Prize: 300US$
  5. Hello everyone, Full Region Sale (15.000 Prims) Contact: eert@gmx.at Tier due to: aug 15th Price: 300€ / 370$ Region Name: Single City This is a 2 day offer only, after this the sim will get shut down or transferred to the new owner Thx :)
  6. Hi there, not sure if its exactly the house shown on ur pics, but theres a pretty big chance i got this in my inventory. As far as i can remember this build has 2-3 floors and a nice terrace on top? Actually Pic1 looks exactly like the house im talking about, not sure about the rest. IM me inworld, lets see what we can do
  7. ~push* I want to buy a sim "today", please contact me inworld or via eert@gmx.at if you have anything available. Many thanks in advance
  8. I am currently looking for a full sim! (C5) I do not want to rent a sim, i want to buy and own the sim. Purchase Date: Right now, today, asap Please contact me inworld if you are looking for a buyer :) Lovely greeetings, Sophie
  9. CCC also does Airraces just like RedBull in RL. Feel free to IM me to get further informations about upcoming events Tc, Sophie
  10. Du sprichst hierbei von den Pfeiltasten nehme ich an? Wie ist das Resultat bei Nutzung der Tasten E,C,S,D,F? Welche Tastatur besitzt du? Lg.
  11. Just because im interested, whats the reason behind wanting a "Class4" Server instead of a more modern "Class 5 "? Thanks in advance
  12. I been using a VISA-Debit card for a while until i got my regular Visa card back! it worked all fine, LL didnt even know i was using a VISA-Debit card until i told them.
  13. Ansariel Hiller wrote: Es gibt da so schwarze Schafe, die aktiv Kontakt zu Rechteinhabern aufnehmen und anbieten, entsprechende Verstöße abzumahnen. Und diese sind wie es scheint nicht allzu erfolgreich
  14. Habe die "Age Verification" damals, ich glaube es war mit Reisepass oder Führerschein, gemacht! Bereits wenige Minuten nach Absenden des Antrages war ich bereits freigeschalten und hatte seitdem nie wieder Probleme mit Mature/Adult Sims oder Content. Lg.
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