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  1. Yes, that's the only way I ever built stuff, I have one building alone on one of my OpenSim regions that is 8,800 prims, the region is set to handle 100,000 prims and it runs off a Mac Pro quad core in my basement that I am using as the server for the sims. The build is of the University of Idaho's admin building, and the next to the last photo is inside what I call the "Great Hall" It took about 6 months to build the sim in 2011. The last photo is inside the library with it's barrel vaulted ceiling.
  2. Nov 25, 2010 10:51 PM FanFan Babii says: The Teens are here... get over it ADULTS ..
  3. Yanni Hinterland says in response to Yanni Hinterland: Rockerduck Bogdanovich says not to advertise i, but i have been there today and believe me they will be in beta for long time I looked around before Emerald was banned, it was the only viewer my machine would run that could get in. I landed in a small city type sim, there were not very many islands around on the world map that I could see, I won't try to guess the number it would likely be wrong. I noticed big lag right off and lag is the single mo
  4. Rockerduck And yes if they are greedy to offer the membership for free is really stupid. Expecially when people enjoy the play and spit in the face of those that make this possible.
  5. Yeah it would Doctor, misprint in the article? I copied that line verbatim. There always seems to be around 50,000 logged in at any one time more or less, you never see 2 million logged in at the same time.
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