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  1. Ok I think i understand. Appliers, omega, and huds are still needed. Thank you. I created textures, but garment silhoutette was key to my designs.
  2. Hello, I am an old clothing creator who left SL when mesh came out. I don't even own a mesh body. Sculpts were the last things i made. I miss designing clothing. 1).Can Baked on Mesh help me get back into the game? 2).All my old textures, psd files work somehow?
  3. Wait*....no more craigslist casual encounters? Nooooooo....these are our freedoms being taken away here people. We must rise up and fight for our right to party! Any ideas?
  4. With a little bit of imagination and VR googles, I found Ready Player One to have quite a bit of similarities with secondlife. My RL SL experience's mirrored so much of the movie's. The 1980's references were a tad overload but overall highly entertaining and everything we want secondlife to be.
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