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  1. They are screwing the people who are actually the one's helping keep SL a float, a game/platform this old and they are increasing the membership price? Hell they wanted to gut the basic accounts real bad before the back lash. 300L$ stipend is nothing any more, barely reason to be premium as is. A higher fee with out a change to the stipend is a very bad idea, I am lucky as my main account gets 500 a week but many players I know only get 300. So what land prices are going down, so lets jack up the membership prices those are the same players who are BUYING the land !!!! Seriously LL Ever sin
  2. The Web based Profiles, completly useless. Who needs so many damn windows popping up back an fourth. I use Facebook for networking, SL is for enjoyment, NEVER will i link the two. nor do I want them even linked. All i can see is this is going to be a even new way for stalkers to greif people. who just want to have fun and enjoy them self. the Old profiles worked, loaded quick, and didnt have to worry about extra windows popping open as you thumbed through the picks and notes
  3. Ok seriously how many of the older SL players remember SL boutique. the one leading competitor to SL exchange once upon a time, Till LL bought them both out, and closed down SL Boutique cause they said its format didnt work, it was a waste of resources and all that other jazz. Yet the new market place looks very much like the old SL boutique that they them self terminated >.> never fix something that aint broke, thats common sense
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