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  1. "The maximum fee is your current balance"... holy sh*t. So basically.. there isn't a "fee".. there is "If you don't use your account within 12 months we'll close it and take all your money." Nice. Granted, it isn't difficult to keep your account open, however, it's still a gross action on LL's part. Oh.. sorry, "Tilia's" part.
  2. @Linden Lab Will our land fees still be automatically deducted from our USD balances? I ask because you say that when we exchange Lindens to USD they go into some "Value Wallet" thing with your alt Tilia to be used between multiple platforms... So does this mean that the lab will deduct the land fees from our Tilia accounts? Or is Tilia used -purely- for cash out purposes as it has been for quite some time now?
  3. @Linden.@lindenlab.com Will we still be able to use our USD balance to pay our land fees prior to cashing out? With all these new extra fees you've given us, I may have to "offset the costs" by dropping a sim or two. PS Stop bleeding SL residents to fund Sansar. Thx.
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