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  1. It certainly isn't just 'foreign' men (what's foreign even mean, in a place like SL?) who exhibit the attitudes you describe. The US is littered with movements like the PUA, MRA, and Incel creeps (and if you don't know what those mean, lucky you!). Even without those extremes, there is no shortage of guys that somehow feel they have something owed them just because they're males, and you are the one owing. Might be an east/west thing in the US. My mother was always  telling my sister to avoid East coast guys because they were much more patriarchal back there than out west where we lived. My sister, who now lives back east with her California-born husband, says there's truth to that attitude.

    In any case being independent, even fiercely so (that'd be the Scot side, I reckon), shouldn't be a hindrance to anybody worth a damn. It's a plus.


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  2. 1 hour ago, boypaul said:

    I should say that i had similar motivation for  joining SL.  "Slave auctions"??   Oh, wow, that's totally cool.  Since early childhood, i've always been drawn to the idea of being a slave.  But then probably some differences.  i do have years and years of RL experience in being a "consensual slave."   Too, i'm a guy -- bisexual but predominantly gay, tending sissy bit girly -- but overall, unquestionably and contentedly a guy.  

    Based on my ten years of being relatively clueless about Second Life, some thoughts.

    The bolded part marks you as different from the majority (probably the vast majority) of Second Life's would-be slaves. I'm pretty sure the majority here are exploring their fantasies (at best) and/or looking mostly for sexual gratification. You actually know what you're doing and what you want; I should think that would make you something of a prize to discerning masters. Unfortunately, there are probably as many—if not more—wannabe masters here than there are wannabe slaves. Finding a master who actually knows how to take on that role's responsibilities and give you what you're seeking is probably going to take some time. I think you're going about it the right way: crawl up the SL learning curve at least until it starts to level off a bit and then go from there. Don't worry a bit about lack of social networking or gaming experience: doesn't really matter much. Nor does your age. Good luck to you.

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  3. More to the point of the thread, there've been a couple of discussions here lately regarding introverts, Tarina. The opinion I took away from reading and commenting in those was that SL might have a higher percentage of introverts than RL. That's almost certainly true of this forum: it's generally assumed that lurkers (who are very much a part of the forum) outnumber posters, and even among the posters introverts may be the majority. 

    Turns out Second Life is a really great way to sneer at your shyness and just speak right up, especially inworld (since you can always poof if you need to). Works for me, anyway ;-).

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  4. 11 minutes ago, Riotriot said:

    AND I STILL. Dont have a girlfriend...after all this! Can you believe that?!

    Awww :-). I'm sure you'll be fine, you're showing a lot of promise. Of course you did start off with maybe the worst pickup line in the history of introductions, so just the fact you were able to make a good start at redeeming yourself (while demonstrating an admirable willingness to take the heat) counts in your favor.

    As far as 'having a girlfriend', that takes time, even in SL, unless you're just pretending. You can start by asking someone to dance, maybe. You have to work at it; you can't just assign someone to be your "girlfriend". Relationships here aren't that much different than relationships in RL; most of the time you kind of have to grow into them. You'll know you have a girlfriend when you show up someplace familiar without her and someone asks, "Where's your girlfriend?".

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  5. 10 hours ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    No, thank you. I ride and wrench on my own.

    Although I might make an exception if you look like this in RL:


    First, some background. I watch next to no TV. Seriously. For one thing there's no cable out here in the boonies so we get what's broadcast. I can't handle the commercials. Plus there's hardly anything I really enjoy on. I also don't watch a whole lot of movies. Among other things that means I'm very ill-informed about a lot of movies and most television shows. And the casts of same. 

    First time I learned about Jason Momoa was when Cindy started a conversation about him in the Forum and several people chimed in. With pictures. I thought, "Whoa", or something very much like that. But I didn't think too much about it. Except that I not too long ago caved in and bought into Amazon Prime.  As it happens I noticed they have five seasons of "Stargate Atlantis". I finally decided to give it a try in spite of the fact I thought the original "Stargate" movie was a clunker even though it had Kurt Russell and Jaye Davidson. Imagine my surprise at stumbling across you know who up there. So I see what Cindy and all the rest of you meant.

    It's kind of unfair, really. I mean the guy's seven feet tall. He's built like a brick...well, brick. His voice is awesome. And with all of that, he's got those incredible eyes! Like I said, it's kind of unfair.

    Where was I?

    Oh yeah. This thread. I got here late today and missed the whole thing. I started at the OP as I always do and read through it. When I hit Page FOUR (we're now on Page 9) I laughed because I thought, "Oh boy, wait until the rest of 'em see that!". I have to tell you that you all did not disappoint. You guys cracked me up. Most forum fun I've had in a while.

    The bad news is that I'm on Episode 6 of Season 5, and five seasons is all Amazon's got. So I'm almost done with the whole thing. I have to admit that in spite of some really embarrassingly dumb science/physics mistakes I enjoy the series and I'll be sorry to see it end.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

    I haven't seen too much hostility against furries; in fact, maybe the opposite.

    Probably the worst case of sheer bigotry I've seen directed against them came from . . . well, me.

    When I was very new in SL -- maybe two or three months -- the parcel next to the one which was my main hangout at that time was bought by a furry couple who placed a home there. Being something of an idiot, I decided to do the "good neighbour" thing and drop by to meet them. I walked onto their parcel and shouted some sort of greeting at them -- and found myself rocketed something like 1000 metres into the sky. This was not just an ejection -- I was blasted by something. No warning, no indication that visitors with a plate of freshly backed prim cookies weren't welcome . . . just BANG followed by WOOOSH, succeeded by AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGHHHHHHHH!

    Anyway, I was furious; when I finally hit the ground I spent the next half hour yelling expletives over the hedge separating the parcels. THEN I came up with a more effective means of revenge.

    The owner of my "home" parcel was a sweetheart (a foul-mouthed 6 year old with a predilection for setting off nuclear weapons) who had given me permissions to rez and build there, so I whipped up a sign in Photoshop, mounted it on a couple of prims, and set it up right on the border between the two parcels -- where there was nothing that the offending furry could do about it. Weirdly, I have a picture of it still (that's very early "me" next to the pic).

    SF-Sign_001 - Copy.png

    To be clear, the furry who had orbited me was, as became clearer in subsequent discussions with him, a major *****: he gave me no warning that he was going to "smite me" with his vorpal blade or whatever it was that sent me flying, and he was unpleasant throughout. That said, my response, because it targeted him as a furry rather than as an obnoxious individual, (which he was) was unpleasant, inappropriate, and, in SL terms anyway, "racist." It was inexcusable, and I am still embarrassed by it. My only real excuse is that I was new to SL, and didn't understand the degree to which the platform featured very distinct cultures that had little direct analogue to my own experience in RL.

    And that, I guess, is my main point. it feels a bit wrong to refer to furry hatred as "racism," because the stakes in SL are so different: as we've been reminded, again, within the past week, RL racism is an infinitely scarier thing than banning furries from night clubs or putting up mocking signs about them. But being respectful to other cultures and perspectives is always an important thing. Furries (and Tinies, and Nekos, and vampires, and even *ugh* Goreans) are deserving of an acknowledgment of the fact that they do see themselves as distinct cultures.

    (My story has a sort of a happy ending, btw. The furry next door demanded I take down the sign. I insisted upon an apology before I did. Eventually, after a long negotiation, I got one, and the sign went down. I never spoke to him again, and all of my subsequent interactions with furries demonstrated to me that they were, pretty much always, delightful, sweet, and accepting residents.)

    Fascinating. This was what set Richard off, wasn't it?  

  7. 4 hours ago, Ivanova Shostakovich said:

    1. Is there intelligent life out there in other solar systems in our galaxy? Is any of it able to live in harmony?

    Yay! Back on Page 1 I answered #1 with "Does an intelligent life form exist somewhere other than Earth? As an idea of what I mean by intelligent: a species we could communicate with, or vice versa (note this includes more than one species here on Earth)." So we both had similar questions. I somehow stumbled across science fiction at the library when I was about eleven; that stuff sticks with you. Look up in the sky and wonder if the Mule's ships are on the way....

    What's your excuse? :-)



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