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  1. We'll just disagree slightly and (hopefully) amicably, then. I think there's plenty of time in any young person's life (assuming no familial or marriage responsibilities) to include the exploration of Second Life as a pastime. I would agree wholeheartedly that the real is to be experienced and explored first and foremost.

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  2. I don't think age has all that much to do with why someone's here rather than venturing out in RL.  You might be surprised at how many  young people are not only enjoying SL but are active and appreciated members of this forum.

    This—inworld, the forum, other forums and countless blogs, all  of it—is a society, a city, a world even. I'm an old fogey, but it pleases me greatly to see there are younger fresher minds to share in our socializing. I say welcome, and the more the merrier.

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  3. I heard this on another forum; a smart lady named Myf McMahon listed it in a collection of Christmas music and it instantly became part of my tiny collection of favorite Christmas songs. That was about three years ago; it still gets to me.


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  4. How have I not learned this word before now? If the various definitions I found on Google are even close, it's almost the perfect profanity. All-inclusive, gender neutral, the whole bit. I must have it. I suppose I'll have to spend time in Quebec to really get the pronunciation and inflection down pat, though.

    Maybe in the spring.

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  5. Thanks. Actually I did see what must have been the second thread, so now I know. She had a remarkably low threshold of agitation, seemed to me. Getting upset at people who did nothing more than point out what she was doing was probably not going to go well.


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  6. 23 hours ago, moirakathleen said:

    I don't do cold very well, so I would not survive (well, I would, but not at all happily) where Tari is.  I do think I may have a new life goal (at least in thought, if not executed) of going to Australia for the northern hemisphere winter months - not just for the warmer temps, but also longer daylight hours.

    So much this. Try as I might I cannot keep from checking the clock when the sun comes over the ridge and thinking something like, "Wow, not til 7:45 now? Just last week it was up by 7:30." I really don't like shorter days.

    On the other hand, I never get flustered thinking I'm not ready and Christmas is coming; I'm buoyed up knowing the solstice is getting closer.

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  7. 1 minute ago, Donna Underall said:

    I dated a guy for a very short time that actually wanted me to be "sassy and independent" with him, even as much as being rude and mean to him.  We weren't together long.

    Gah. Makes you wonder if he does the same kind of thing in RL. You 'date' people because of who they are; you don't start asking someone to construct a new personality to please you.

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  8. 18 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    I can do 15th, 16th, or 23rd - won't be able to do the 22nd


    Now I gotta figure out a formal outfit. Haven't worn one of those in ages.

    Formal?!? And here I was thinking I had an excuse to shop for a new 'Santa's Naughtiest Helper' costume, something I haven't worn in ages :-).

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  9. There's no question that barriers exist preventing first-time users from really having a chance to properly experience Second Life, and as some have mentioned it seems there are more barriers all the time. I don't know how to fix that (I agree that avatar customization methods being simplified would be a massive start) but I don't think that users can do much more than they already are doing. LL has to do that, if it gets done at all.

    That video, however, didn't impress me in the slightest and it certainly wasn't "painful to watch". I gave it a bit over two minutes and bailed; it was just some clown goofing for his audience. Whoopee. The only thing about it that I thought was indicative of a problem with SL rather than a problem with the videographer was that introductory comment:

    "Today we venture forth into one of the most bizarre dating sims on the free internet, Second Life!"

    If he got the idea that SL is first and foremost a 'dating sim', that might just be idiocy on his part (evidence suggests that possibility). I think it's at least as likely that it can be chalked up to the way Linden Lab advertises SL.

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  10. 3 hours ago, Bitsy Buccaneer said:

    Years ago someone made a sign that says "The only real things in Second Life are our feelings, so please take care of each other." I think it's the same idea as the one underlying Jimmy's, only expressed more politely. Do you disagree when it's phrased this way? Could that be the start for a more productive conversation?

    I'd forgotten about that sign; someone mentioned it in the forum back in 2011-2012 or so and it made the rounds. I asked for and received a copy then; I am almost certain the sign's older than that, though. A friend and I had made a little reading room/library on a parcel across from my house that I'd built into a small public park; we put the sign up on the library wall.

    I'll have to dig through my inventory; I'm sure I still have it.

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