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  1. 14 hours ago, Ivanova Shostakovich said:

       I saw a fox run across a road this morning. They run differently than coyotes.

    Right from the start Iva's been visiting this thread to drop these little non sequiturs (is that even a valid description, given the thread's purpose?), often about wildlife sightings. I loved the idea right from the start; it was perfect. This time her drop actually derailed the derail thread and started a conversation, from Maddy's comment about foxes being cat software on dog hardware to that amazing video Callum showed. Incredible work—what hands that person had—but for me just a little bit too real; I'd be creeped out to see one of our cats 'pictured' that way. 

    Speaking of cat software, the Gray Fox is one of two canine species that climbs trees, and the only one in North America. We once had a breeding pair move in under the house to deliver and wean their pups. They were a noisy nuisance banging around down there, but the babies were just heart-stoppingly cute. I got to see 'em chasing each other around the lattice-work on the side of the garden shed a couple of times; they'd fly around it looking like they were on an oval track, except it was vertical. Up one side and down the other, almost in a blur.



    gray fox.PNG

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  2. Everytime I see one of these kinds of conversations (started with Clover asking about Birth's advent calendar) I am amazed at how much some of you know about stores and merchants and product lines and all of it. Seriously. I don't even know who any of those stores are.

    I swear, if you guys were mountain men Jedediah Smith would be asking you for directions.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    Amazing! You've discovered something that can be done in RL but not in SL! 


    True. This one's pretty nice. That slope looks a bit less than 60° but I'd guess it's greater than 45. And they had a pretty good architect: Frank Lloyd Wright.


    Sturges 1.PNG

    Sturges 2.PNG

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  4. You seem pretty clearly to be bothered by him doing things you'd both (or at least YOU thought you'd both) agreed would be out of bounds. I think most people would be. I don't really know what else you can do but confront him directly with all this (which of course would mean you admitting to doing some snooping around) and seeing what happens. Not fun stuff, but maybe that's what is  needed.

    Good luck.

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  5. This is a triple-header but then I don't use up much space here most of the time so I figure I can get away with it. The other day I included an old Chuck Berry tune in a post elsewhere and @Scylla Rhiadra said she'd always thought that was a Beatle's tune. Well, it WAS a Beatle's tune but for them it was a cover. I just saw another example of that in a thread today ("Please Mister Postman") and thought I'd play some originals.

    The Beatles started in music playing mostly covers, just as any band would. A lot of their covers wound up on albums, again not too unusual. But the Beatles were so incredibly popular (didn't hurt they were also damn good musicians) that even their covers became big hits, and those songs kind of get credited to the Beatles now. The one I played by Chuck Berry was "Rock and Roll Music". I'll leave that out since it's just been done, but here are three more examples.

    The Marvelettes:

    Barrett Strong: 

    And last, the Eisley Brothers with a song that almost everybody remembers as a Beatles song (Ferris Bueller had a lot to do with that). This one the Beatles improved, in my opinion; there version is more uptempo: 

    There are more, but these three might be the best known.

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  6. I'd heard (and apparently Wikipedia heard the same source) that root beer was invented by an American druggist. It was (still is, sometimes) made from sassafras or sarsparilla. In the version I heard the motivating factor was to find a substitute for regular alcoholic beer, and thus to reduce the amount of ruckus the local working men caused.

    In a way, it's kind of fitting that it's become the beverage of choice for a woman that causes more ruckus than a legion of thirsty coal miners.

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