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  1. DrJ Darkfold wrote:

    For several years I chaired a Tri-Service/NASA committee studying the causes and effects of simulator induced sickness (SIS) with the use of high-resolution head-mounted displays (HMD).  These phenomena, which usually include nausea and some dizziness are mainly caused by a conflict between the visual system (telling you are moving) and the vestibular system (which is convinced that you are not moving). Increasing the instantaneous field-of-view, resolution, sharpness of image, update rate – all these engineering improvements have no effect on the SIS. SIS is more prevalent in users over 40 and also in females. What normally happens is that with repeated usage the incidence of SIS will decline, so the recommended approach is to limit the first several sessions with a HMD to short intervals with long breaks in between while the adaptation is taking place. Roughly 5-10% of users will not benefit by adaptation and will continue to experience SIS. Happy to answer any questions.


    I haven't tried any of the various Oculus or other HMD's, nor do I have any immediate plans to do so. I am strictly a casual observer here. I just think what  you have to impart would be better done by linking studies/papers/articles that talk about the subject. You did say there were NASA studies and while I'm sure some were military related and classified, I find it hard to believe there aren't some available to the public.

    People who post to forums can claim to be anything or anyone at all. Anyone who spends much time in forums gets a bit wary of people who suggest they have out of the ordinary training/occupational experience/knowledge/etc. I am not suggesting you're a fraud at all, in fact truth to tell I'd be inclined to believe all you said (in spite of the fact I have absolutely no basis or reason for doing so). I'm just suggesting that for some things, and this is such, it's better to say "I know something about this, and there is documented intormation about it here", and then post one or more links. A lot of people won't click links but people who actually want to learn about the subject you're discussing will probably know how to check the link to see if it's reasonably safe.

  2. SirLeighBastard wrote:

    Your "story" explains a lot about your paranoia.

    The story might not explain a lot about Maddy, but it does actually say a lot about who she is and how she got there. Your mention of paranoia is just the usual baiting attempt so I'll cut the line and dispose of that now. As it happens, you actually did form half of a valid point with the idea at the start of the sentence.

    I've heard the monster door story many times, first directly and then from overhearing it being told to others or seeing it in places like this. It's one of my favorite Maddy stories (not my very favorite: that one inspired my signature line). Both, interestingly enough, have a lot to do with Maddy's parents, most especially her father. Both demonstrate not just Maddy's delight in play, but her father's wonderful sense of play. His ability to share that with her and in fact nurture it is no doubt what made her the delightful person we know.

    She in turn has encouraged all who spend time with her to indulge our own playfulness. Second LIfe with its seemingly endless ways to be silly has been a perfect place to do just that, of course. That is obvious whenever someone starts one of those "Worst Noob Mistake" or "Dumbest Thing You've Ever Done in SL" threads. The obvious delight with which all the contributors share their gaffes makes it clear they got a bigger kick out of them than anyone.

    A slight derail: my favorite of that genre is from someone who doesn't visit the forums much anymore, if at all (and that's too bad, she was a great contributor). Quite new, she was dancing with her 'boyfriend' in his skybox and for whatever reason got nude except for her cowboy hat and cowboy boots. Her exuberant dance carried her off the edge of the platform and she fell to earth, all the while laughing and without the slightest clue of how to stop falling. She landed, supine and of course still dancing, in the center of a wedding ceremony. A gay male wedding ceremony.

    I had seen that Gnomist video before, Maddy. I loved the story but it never clicked that it had a resemblance to the monster door. I think the main reason was that the Gnome Forest was so benign. The children (and adults) who find the doors and interact aren't being exposed to anything that might be scary (although they are clearly being encouraged to let themselves use their imaginations). The gnomes apparently eat tea and crumpets. Your monsters left the bones of tiny animals. Your dad and mom treated you to a wonderful imaginary (well, potentially imaginary, nobody knows, right?) place and at the same time let it be just a touch macabre. This allowed you to feel unafraid in the face of what might be a scary thing, in this case monsters in the dark.

    I'm glad the door is being renovated, too. A special place like that needs to be preserved.


    Happy New Year to you, Maddy, and to everyone. Happy New Year to the monsters, too.

  3. From my view, it still looks pretty much like that. Still fully compartmentalized. And I work with almost exclusively brick and mortar businesses. The relationships between the compartments is both difficult to understand and, it seems to me anyway, totally open to interpretation, but the bottom of that food chain is the merchant's customer. The merchant (LL, in this case) is only one rung off the bottom with all the capabilities and power that implies. From there it moves to the software, hardware, and possibly middleware LL uses to get credit card transactions (henceforth EFT) to the credit card processor. Probably none of it is actually LL's product, given the current PCI-DSS Standards* requirements, but I suppose it's possible. I'd guess third party, or 'us' in my case. We provided the merchant with the hardware/software and middleware.

    Next up, the credit card processors, also sometimes apparently called merchant banks.

    Then the gigantic server companies that provide the platforms the transactions go through to get to

    The credit card companies, who either approve or deny the validity of the original customer's EFT account, and finally

    The bank holding the merchant's account (that one recieves a deposit) and the one holding the customer's EFT account (that one recieves a debit).

    *Lot going on there, lot of computers, lot of regulations, and an industry that's changing so fast it never has time to tie its shoes. You want to waste at a minimum an afternoon (I've lost weeks I can never get back), google the PCI-DSS Standard and learn the regs. Then figure out how to explain all that to your customer, who runs his wildly popular seafood restaurant with his wife just as they've done for years, and who when he needs something fixed on a colmputer (including the one running his EFT app) he usually just calls his sister's boy, who knows all aboujt them.

  4. jonhnnyroleplay wrote:

    armchair tech
    based upon
    personal opinions
    ..LOL how much Nvidia stock does SL own??..LOL


    "armchair tech"? I don't know if you're aware of this but the majority of computer modification/configuration tasks are performed by people sitting in chairs with the computer on a workbench. It is not at all uncommon for the workbench to be at desk-height (even in professional computer repair centers) and the chairs to have arms.

    "personal opinions"? Oh, you mean something like this?: "IF you had a 3rd or 4th generation i7 ( LGA 1155 or LGA 1150)  then yeah I say GTX  970 or AMD R9 390...unless all you want is to use SL then look at links above. I have ran BOTH Nvidia & AMD....I prefer AMD...more bang for buck....have fun..I AM..."  

    In the seven plus years I've been here I have heard many tales of woe from AMD users. Sure, those people might have been doing things wrong. Not getting the right drivers, etc. But the point is that AMD tends to have issues with OpenGL and thus it has issues with Second Life.

    If a good graphics experience in Second LIfe is your target, why would you bother with AMD unless you were really at a high-level technically (as in a double-E at least, with hands-on graphics adaptor experience)? I mean, I can't think AMD is going to spend a lot of time worrying about how well their stuff works on Second Life! We aren't exactly the world's favorite online place to be, even if we are OUR favorite online place to be. Why not just go with Nvidia and not worry about it?


  5. Madelaine McMasters wrote:

    Dillon Levenque wrote:

    That is so in line with what I've experienced in the times I've been one of the (possibly intoxicated) dancers in RL.

    Or a blissful dancer in SL?



    Aye, that too.

    That's the thing about experiences. Once you've had them, they're part of you. They are an element in your narrative. In that particular instance, a very positive and treasured element of mine.


    Hiya :-)


  6. irihapeti wrote:

    he then said that is different with the pub crowd. He said that when we play covers, we play a lot of stuff from our youth and from the ages before also, mixed in with more modern stuff

    when a 30s-40s-50s+ is dancing (a little bit intoxicated sometimes) to a song from their youth then they arent dancing as a 30-40s-50s+. They are dancing as a teenager. They are transported back in time. In their minds and memories. They are young again, for those moments. We see this every weekend, in 1000s of faces, on 1000s of nights for over the 10 years now that we have been playing the pubs


    SL is a bit like this as well I think. Sometimes we connect with others of our own age as ourselves, and other times we dont

    when we dont then we are dancing (a little bit intoxicated) as our younger selfs once more. In our minds and memories, for those moments

    That is so in line with what I've experienced in the times I've been one of the (possibly intoxicated) dancers in RL. When a live band is playing, in earnest, tunes of my youth I (and my usual dancing partner, my spouse) are dancing in our youth. I mean we don't think of it that way when it's happening but in truth that is exactly what is taking place.

    I was already well aware of the fact that it takes place in SL; I've sensed that about myself almost all along. But I'd never really tied that effect to similar RL experience 'til just now. Thank you for including that thought.

  7. LaskyaClaren wrote:

    Sy Beck wrote:

    LaskyaClaren wrote:

    It's obviously "Let's Bait Laskya Week" on the SL Forums. ;-) 

    Pep has taught you all too well. 



    Thank you, Sy.

    At LAST. The respect and consideration that I deserve!



    Laskya, there will never be a safe place for you as long as you're on Maddy's Victims Friends list.

  8. Kelli May wrote:

    Rhonda Huntress wrote:

    Kelli May wrote:

    Amethyst Jetaime wrote:

    I agree about gift cards.  However some debit cards do work because they are branded ( Visa or MasterCards etc ) AND the bank that issues them makes immediate payment.  Mine works like that.  My bank will pay up to a certain amount, just like a credit card, even if I don't have money in my account.  Of course they come after me then and charge me a hefty overdraw fee LOL, so I'm sure the money is in the account.

    ditto on that. Everything I've ever paid to LL (tier, subs and L$ purchases) has been via debit card for over nine years.

    If your debit card can also be run as a credit card (like I have to do at a lot of gas pumps) you will not have any problems.  Most cards work this way but there are a few that are different.  It's all up to the bank that issues the card.


    In other words, if you hand your debit card to the waitress and she brings you back a slip to sign, your debit card will work with LL.

    Not to say you're wrong (as far as sign-for-it debit cards working for SL), but if I hand my debit card to a waitress, she's overwhelmingly likely to put it in a portable EPoS and hand it back for me to authorise it by PIN. In the UK at least, signing to authorise card transactions is extremely rare.


    Kelli, those are rarely seen in the US. We are pretty much the last country in the world to move to EMV for credit cards and restaurants will be the last group to adopt them, because of tipping. Moving to EMV is going to cost restaurants a lot, since their whole payment structure will have to change, OR they'll have to buy wifi tablets with EMV card readers.

    I saw an article recently that a major NY restaurant group was going to start charging a gratuity and discontinue tipping entirely; I bet it's because of EMV.

  9. Velk Kerang wrote:

    Ya I saw it and?  I mean they can put any numbers up all day long and that don't mean nothing or garontee it's accurate especially given the amounts of alts the game has. SOE used to try and do that same thing with SWG back in the day to atempt to reflect the NGE wasn't a bombing hudge failure and it didn't make the world servers any less empty when you logged in game. So no I don't put alot of stock in web page stats sorry. lmao

    Oh well, then. I mean if the SOE used to do that with the SWG to claim the NGE wasn't a hudge failure, than lmao. I mean come on. What was I thinking?

  10. Did you not look at this earlier post: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Why-is-SL-so-empty/m-p/2967187/highlight/true#M215252 ? Maximum daily concurrence in Jan 2013 looks to  have been about 65.000. By  December of that year, after fluctuating to as low as about 55,000, it was right around 60,000. These days it's about 50,000.

    Yes, it is declining and unless LL does something useful, such as working on helping new users (or by taking advantage of the massive number of current residents to accomplish the same thing) it will probably continue to decline. But all this talk about how there've been massive losses in population is just so much talk.

    The numbers are right there.

  11. Drake1 Nightfire wrote:

    Madelaine McMasters wrote:

    Drake1 Nightfire wrote:

    Madelaine McMasters wrote:

    Dillon Levenque wrote:

    MidnightDawn Sapphire wrote:


    No, you are what we call a "Sweety Pie".  A really nice person with a heart of gold.  


    Good grief! Really. I have not words for this.

    You're just trying to make up for offering me warm root-beer.

    /me kneels and hands Maddy a large root beer slushie. "For you , my Queen. It seems our enemy has sent his winged freaks to SL finally. Do you wish me to send out the Legions from Zindra to crush and convert them? We have a new batch of... Escorts.. that are very eager to get started."

    Ahem, Drake? You're kneeling on my hem (and I just bet you're waiting for me to take a step).

    Oh, and would ya send those "escorts" by me for personal inspection before they go crushing and converting? I'm a very hands on kinda queen.

    And finally, you gotta show Dil how to make a root-beer slushie. She's from Cali and may have been carousing with wine snobs.

    Yes. my Queen. The escorts shal be sent to you in pairs starting this evening.

    Hold up... I gotta share my secret recipe?!?!? Do you have any idea how hard it is to get root beer to freeze down here?

    /me stalks off grumbling.... Share my secrets.. With Dil?!?! Not fair. I did all the hard work.. found a secret passage to the 242 layer, made a pact with the ice lord there, now i have to share that info? G** D****T!!!


    Oh noes! Here I was thinking I could just like Google it. Damn it.


    Well, I guess it's time to consider calling in a few favors; I too have my contacts in the um, well you know. There.

  12. Madelaine McMasters wrote:

    Dillon Levenque wrote:

    MidnightDawn Sapphire wrote:


    No, you are what we call a "Sweety Pie".  A really nice person with a heart of gold.  


    Good grief! Really. I have not words for this.

    You're just trying to make up for offering me warm root-beer.


    I did not offer you a warm root beer. I explained that I only had gotten enough ice to chill half the bottles in the case, the other half was at room tempurature, and asked you which you preferred.

    And by the way, I'm from California. Cali is a friend of mine, but I don't know anything about that name referencing a place. And if you actually know something about wine, like maybe you had your first* (small) glass of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild at the ripe old age of 15 (true story; I think my dad paid something like $30 for the bottle at the place he ordered his wine, a super-high price at the time) that may make you familiar with the difference between a good wine and a bad one, or even in this case a great wine and a good one, but it doesn't make you a snob.

    I can make a killer root beer float but you were correct (and one for three isn't too bad) about the slushie.Never heard of it. I see a visit to Google in my very near future.

    *First and only, as it turns out. I've been treated to a lot of pretty nice Bordeaux's, but never anything to match that.


  13. JediTron wrote:

    BUSTED Troll here's why if it was a COPYRIGHT infrigement delete the sonic avatars if you're seriously trying to troll the damn moderators need to do their job and shut people like you up. Otherwise remove the rules simple fact don't make rules you won't uphold it makes you a JOKE!



    Wow. What a massively unpleasant and uninformed person you are. Linden Lab makes the rules. The people on this and other forums are just residents of SL, like you.They neither make nor enforce anything other than their own personal rules.

    I do have to say  (and I've never said this to anyone before) I don't think you're a good fit here (meaning Second Life). It's obvious to even the most casual observer that you're a poor fit for this forum, since you are so vehement with your comments but at the same time so clearly lacking in understanding.

    But beyond that, I don't think you'll do well in Second Life. I think you should go somewhere else.

  14. Now that I've stopped laughing, I do actually have a suggestion for merchants (although I suspect I'm preaching to the choir with the group of same in this thread).

    I purchased a gift on MP. My friend never received the item. After we waited a few days I contacted the merchant (can't remember by which method but it was the one requested) and explained what happened, including transaction numbers, item number/description, and recipient's name. I included a comment that the recipient was well acquainted with SL and had checked all the likely places. Next day or so, my friend logged in and IM'd me to say she'd gotten the gift. So everything was taken care of properly.

    However, I really would have appreciated an IM from the merchant telling me that. Just a one-liner—"Gift Re-delivered"—would have been fine. I know it's an extra step and I know there's no real need for it, but feedback does make a difference in how I feel about a merchant.

  15. Dresden wrote:

    Madelaine McMasters wrote:

    Oooh, Angels!

    I've never met an angel. I offer a free soul cleansing service here in SL, so they'd have no reason to visit me.

    I get all the li'l devils instead. They stand in my fireplace, mocking me as their sins burn away, until their souls are clean enough to be presentable in public again. Here they are...

    Warm Welcomes Gallery.jpg

    If your good deeds are as effective and rewarding as mine, you have my deepest sympathy.

    Oh, there I am... six down and four over.  I'm afraid I'm in need of more in
    eration, for reasons I cannot discuss in mixed company.

    ...Dres  (Thankfully, you gave no guarantees.)


    Cool, you're right next to My Favorite Martian! :-)

  16. Madelaine McMasters wrote:

    Perrie Juran wrote:

    Madelaine McMasters wrote:

    irihapeti wrote:

    Dillon Levenque wrote:

    Heart Brimmer wrote:


    I was going to type 'aye' because I agreed with your post, but then realized in this context it was a bad choice.

    Instead, I'll also say:

    so yes to the no yes



    Can I third your motion and bring it up for a vote?

    Oooooooh, I didn't know Martians could make those motions.

    ... swoons.


    Well, they appear to be somewhat arithmetically challenged. The Martian was actually fifth, not third. Heart, me, irihapeti, you, Martian.


    Edited to correct spelling irihapeti's name incorrectly even though it was right there in the quoted part to look at. Wish I'd noticed that before Perrie 'archived'. Sorry, E. I hope my original spelling isn't some horrible Maori insult.

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