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  1. 48 minutes ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

    Clicking on "View group info in the Viewer sidebar" will launch the viewer (if it's not already running) and bring up a window where you can join the group. You'll then get notices and landmarks for each Sunday's breakfast, which happens at 8AM SLT (California time).


    While I'm perfectly happy with calling it California time, Maddy, it's also used by Nevada, Washington, almost all of Oregon (a smallish state north of us full of surly people who tend to drive too slow) and even part of Idaho.

    The official name is Pacific Standard Time. 

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  2. 14 hours ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

    Though this is Dillon's forum thread, I know she won't brag about her feed thread...


    That's 10,000 posts, a mix of conversation and shared music, spanning nearly seven years.

    This is why I stick with SL.

    Thanks, Dil!

    Thanks for posting this, Maddy (you're right; I probably wouldn't have). It turns out we did even better than we'd known. We broke the Feed! That thread is locked and apparently is not unlockable. We can't add 'love' hearts to existing posts and we can't add new posts. We can't even cycle back through the archives with the "View all comments" option, or at least I can't.

    We have boldly gone where no SLUM™ dweller* has gone before, and I for one am damned proud to have been a part of that.

    *When what is now called The Feed by most of us was first released, it didn't really have a name. That was much discussed in the Forum, and @Charolotte Caxton suggested it could be called Second Life User Messaging™ or SLUM™ for short. Regrettably, that idea wasn't properly promoted by Linden Lab and thus we are left with the rather mundane sounding Feed.


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  3. 21 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Wow, talk about rude


    No kidding. I don't cut people that say things like that much slack, either. There's never any excuse for random rudeness.

    In my first year someone asked in NCI group chat if anyone knew when the Building class would start. Nobody answered. I was still new enough to be thrilled by group chat so after a bit I said, "I don't."

    Now I grant you that was a pretty useless comment. I was just talking to be talking. But her next line really ticked me off.

    "Then I wasn't talking to you, was I?"

    Mind you, she was as noobish as I was, hadn't been in SL more than a month or two. It turns out I really enjoyed the class, which I had decided to take. It was a lot of fun watching her stumble around trying to stack one cube on top of the other while the rest of us had moved on to making working doorways :-).

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  4. 6 hours ago, Amina Sopwith said:

    Whatever answer you get, just remember that this is a planet that is orbiting the Sun directly opposite Earth, yet has never been noticed by NASA. Its inhabitants are capable of space travel and arresting or even reversing the ageing process, but still fight with swords. Everyone notices how little gravity it has, yet the men are all much stronger and more macho than on Earth. Doreen and Beverly are considered to be sexy names. Everyone talks like they're in A Clockwork Orange; I can't remember the exact name for slaves, but suffice to say it isn't a word, it's a band that had a hit in 1983 with Too Shy. Oh, and every single woman is stunning and begs for orgasm at the very sight of a ginger from Bristol called Tarl. I'm not making this up. Tarl. That's not a name. That's a knitting stitch.

    I'm just asking you to bear all this in mind when you are given long lists of rules and regulations and told to take this all incredibly seriously.

    You really need to post wayyyy more often than you have been. Seriously. The times demand it.

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  5. I saw a little clip of this band in a BBC article; googling led me to another article in Dazed: http://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/39633/1/grrrl-gang-manila-one-year-of-filipino-punk-feminism . I did find this on YouTube; it's mostly just placard-waving but there are a few performance clips and besides, placard-waving's as good a place to start as any. I'll see if I can find some of their music to send to my half-Filipina granddaughter; it's bound to freak out her parents who are a coupla stiffs :-).



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  6. I will, or at least I have, used the laugh emote when it's quite likely the person writing the post really wasn't aiming for a laugh. If something makes me laugh*, I use the laugh emote. I do try not to use it on posts where it seems obvious that the person who wrote it was sincerely hurt or upset about something, even if I find the post quite ridiculous. I would try not to laugh in that instance in RL too, just as most of us would.

    I am resisting the charge that my laughing at (rather than with) a post is scornful, although I have to admit that is maybe a valid definition. One of the times that comes to mind was the OP for that thread about pickup lines. The fellow that started it led off with his standard 'come-on', and it was so breathtakingly vainglorious that I could not help laughing. I don't think anyone else used 'laugh' on that post and I did wonder if I'd gone too far, but nothing came of it. He actually turned out to be a pretty solid guy and took all the slings and arrows that resulted from that OP honestly; I even wound up complimenting him somewhat later in the thread (although even then I couldn't resist giving him the needle a little about that pickup line).

    *By laughing I don't mean actually laughing out loud (although that does happen—it did with the OP I discussed here.). If when reading I find something that makes my mouth form a smile and I sort of do a subvocal chuckle, I consider that laughing.

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