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  1. 2 hours ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

    Lindal and Rolig have explained it pretty well. There's a time and a place for silly behavior. With some effort, you can relax both of those constraints.  But that's the catch. If you put no effort into endearing yourself and your behavior to those around you, it's not silliness is it? It's self indulgence at the expense of others. It's no wonder people become upset.

    It's not necessary to cultivate a circle of friends with a particular penchant for silliness, everyone has the capacity to enjoy it. It's your job to make the things you enjoy (not only silliness) pleasurable for those you want to do them with. It's really is both that simple, and that hard.

    As for the rogue's gallery of friends I've incinerated over the years, I'm gratified to hear Rolig describe membership as a "badge of honor". That gallery is my proudest achievement in SL because there isn't a single person in it who hasn't had a grin on their face while being consumed by the flames. I can't make myself happy by being silly. I make myself happy by making other people happy with my silliness.BTW, both Lindal and Rolig are in my Warm Welcomes gallery... and I'm smiling just thinking about it.

    I wasn't grinning.

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  2. On ‎3‎/‎9‎/‎2018 at 2:05 PM, Love Zhaoying said:

    I think it would have been used more in the US in the 1950’s. I can just hear Carey Grant saying, “Are you daft, woman!?”

    He would have, being English. Born and raised there (of British parents) didn't come to the US until a young man.

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  3. It's nice when I read through all the responses to a post and agree with every single one of them. Like all of you, my answer to Bree's question: "The question I pose to you all: Do you think a person is a catfish if they want a SL relationship without real life info and have no intention to be cruel or to troll their partner?" is NO, especially when you take the part I bolded into consideration. "Catfishing", in the meaning used in the OP, is fraud from the get-go, originally devised as a way to fraudulently obtain money from the love-dazzled victim. SL relationships in which RL is never part of the equation don't meet that definition.

    As a side note, if you're ever in California the best catfishing is in the Sacramento River-San Juaquin River Delta.

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  4. 19 minutes ago, Arduenn Schwartzman said:

    In de zandbak van de Amsterdam-sim hangt altijd een groepje Nederlanders rond--stamgasten die dagelijks komen bijkletsen in het Nederlands via Voice. Het zijn er maar een handjevol. Verder herinner ik me een vast groepje bezoekers op de dansvloer van de locatie Mambo Beach. Die plek ziet er nu behoorlijk verlaten uit. Ik vermoed dat deze (kleine) gemeenschappen vooral bestaan uit mensen die niet of nauwelijks Engels spreken. De Nederlanders die ik hier ken spreken allemaal prima Engels en zoeken deze groepen niet op.

    If you pardon my Dutch.

    I think only a truly Dutch/English bilingual person* could have composed that paragraph.  An unadorned copy/paste to Google translate yields:

    "In the sandbox of the Amsterdam sim there is always a group of Dutch people around - regulars who come to chat daily in Dutch via Voice. There are only a handful. Furthermore, I remember a fixed group of visitors on the dance floor of the location Mambo Beach. That place now looks pretty deserted. I suspect that these (small) communities mainly consist of people who speak little or no English. The Dutch I know here all speak fine English and do not look for these groups."

    Perfectly phrased in English; not even an oddly missing or incorrect definite/indefinite article. I, and I suspect a lot of SL users (particularly the frequent contributors to this forum) enjoy meeting people across a language barrier. There used to be translators you could wear, but all the reports I got from people who spoke English as well as whatever language my translator was set for told me it did a horrible job. I've had better luck with Google Translate. Thanks for posting that. :-)

    *I would not be in the least surprised to learn you are fluent in other languages as well; I only said 'bilingual' in reference to Dutch/English.


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  5. 3 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Wow, pretty bold for a first conversation.  I'd bet everything that they are in their very early 20s.  Those are pretty much the only folks I know that think it is okay to ask those sort of questions right off the bat on the internet.

    Or it might be the person was an unevolved relic from the old "A/S/L" days; either way the answer is pretty much "nunya".

    I think this was the first computer I actually had my hands on (although only to play text games). The awesome Commodore 64.

    It belonged to a friend; he didn't have the joysticks or that extra floppy drive, just the single-sided one on the top: 180K scintillating bytes of information. It's where I first saw the words, "It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue."



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  6. 9 hours ago, SierraStyles said:

    Okay, I probably will get bashed for posting here. but I am single in SL and RL, and I do post in other categories in forums. If some people think this is all a joke or friendships/dating is a joke, so be it. But some of us have friends here and even date. RL can be tricky in small towns and areas where there are few available people to date. I have made good friends of both sexes on SL and enjoy talking to them and occasionally seeing some sights. And yes, there are helpful parts of the forums too..Just  wanted to say we are not all alike, and yes we even read the profiles, even of friends, places and events.  Its a good way of knowing more about someone and whether or not you want to go someplace. 

    Sierra,  I had to read the rest of the thread to see where you were going with this. We have had a very small number of people lately who clearly see SL as some kind of RL dating service, which it manifestly is not. They typically carry it to the extreme of insisting every avatar PROVE (as if) they are the RL gender they appear to be in SL. Most of us see that as defeating the whole purpose of Second Life. We see it as both a place to have a lot of fun but also as a great place to learn a little about ourselves and a whole lot about other people and other places.

    I have friends in SL that I've been in touch with for many years. I think of it sometimes as comparable to being in college (although I've known most of these people longer than the duration of a college education).  We hang out together, listening to music and talking, far into the night. It has given me back a little slice of my youth that I had to forego once I had my own family responsibilities.

    As for love....it became clear to me early on that I would have to be very careful not to fall in love here. I've had shall we say partial success heeding my caution warning. I still don't advise you to use the platform as an RL dating service, but it's a great way to find people to talk to and have fun with and.....it might even become something in RL. That has happened. I just very strongly suggest you don't approach it with that intention.

    I rambled; hope I made sense.

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  7. It definitely would NOT work on the ground. I live on a Linden road and a tiny sliver of something of mine was intruding onto the reserved shoulder (not the 'paved' road, just the border). The thing was returned.

    I agree with Phil that you could probably get away with it in the sky. But it would be a real bummer if it got noticed and returned after you'd gotten comfortable in it.


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  8. I think some people (Jeny and Aislin) are talking about what in the Netherlands is called "drop". Licorice that comes in a variety of types but almost all, I believe, are both black and salty. Somewhere I read in some novel about a character with a passion for drop, and I thought it sounded interesting. I remembered seeing a place that advertised Dutch foods up in the Bay Area (as in San Francisco Bay), so I drove up there one Saturday. Sure enough,  there was a big long aisle of drop, all different. I told the clerk (a very beautiful woman somewhere between 35 and 45, I'd guess) that I wanted to try salted licorice and she picked out a bag for me.

    I actually sort of liked it, although not enough to go buy more. I took the bag to work, where cookies and candy left on the coffee counter tends to vaporize quickly. I finally had to throw the bag in the trash after a week or so. One or two people were able to choke it down frowning, a few took one bite and spit it into the nearest wastebasket, gagging and yelling at me, and the rest were too chicken to try it. :-)

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  9. Please use caution  here, folks. It is against the rules to be officially admonished about one thread's comments and then bring it all up again in a different thread.

    Lots of us are having some fun with this thread; I'd hate to see it get locked.


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  10. One year LL actually did give us a present about this time of year. I can't recall if it was a Premium Gift or for everyone but it was definitely an LL deal. We got...an Easter Egg! A well formed moddable egg-shaped prim. Code monkeys having fun. :-)

    I got one, sized it the way I wanted, and set it to wear on head. I then spent a goodly time one night making colored eggs with Paintshop. I even wrote friend's names on a bunch with that horrible invisible wax pencil, just like RL. Next night there was a get-together and I gave out the eggs. I only have one picture left (chunks of my Photostream went south a couple of years ago) but my friend Quinn Morani who in addition to being an absolute sweetheart always took a zillion pictures, has several. Here's one. Someone else brought the wearable cows.



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  11. Let's see.....

    1. Guy asks a question about why people in SL get frosty when pressed for Real Life information.

    2. Guy gets two perfectly reasonable answers to that question, first from Annie and then in greater detail from Skell.

    3. Guy counters above arguments by saying, "I at least gotta know if the girl im asking out is a rl woman.", indicating abject failure to even consider the two polite replies mentioned above.

    4. Guy gets yet ANOTHER polite response from Annie (who apparently has the patience of a saint).

    5. Guy responds with, "I got ways of finding out though If they say what does it matter there is my answer.", rivaling even Quinn in not getting it.

    There follows five full pages of the same. Does that about sum it up?

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  12. I missed a lot of this thread but there's one theme that's been touched on several times. I think Annie mentioned it first but she's not the only one: the fear of rejection.

    While I had managed to get past that barrier as regards starting conversations before I came to SL; it's a very real thing and there is nothing weird about the feeling. I happen to be a bit of a bookworm. I've learned that a great many authors hesitated for a long time before ever submitting a piece because they feared—you guessed it—rejection. That may not be a universal fear but it's extremely common. And in most cases that I read about, those first submissions WERE rejected! But they learned in the process that they could handle rejection, changed a little about their submissions,  and went on to become best sellers.

    I'm still a little slow to begin a conversation, in RL or SL. I tend to wait a bit at a place and just listen to the conversations going on before saying anything myself. Of course once I get started,  I never shut up. :-)



  13. I couldn't find the picture with Rhonda posed so fetchingly on the front tire (Google seems to have lost it somewhere) but this is what she means about the bonnet: the whole front sheet-metal of the car just unclips and pivots forward.


    GT6 hood1.jpg

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  14. I've had both convertibles and cars with sunroofs; convertibles were better.  I'm not as crazy as Maddy and the Wisconsoners but for a Californian I probably get close. I spent a lot of time driving a Fiat 850 which belonged to a girlfriend. I remember once driving up into the hills with a friend one winter day—probably in the mid-fifties—with the top down. It was a roadster; you only put the top up on a roadster when it's raining hard. I was so enjoying the nimble handling, the sun in my face, the wind whipping around, that I said, "Isn't this great?". I got expletives for an answer and looked over to see him trying to get more of his face into his jacket. He didn't seem to appreciate the moment.

    These days my ride only has a sunroof but I do use it often. Better than nothing.


    Her Fiat wasn't quite this prettied up (it did not have chromed wheels, for instance) but it was structurally the same as this.

    Fiat 850.png

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