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  1. Storm.Clarence wrote: Awww. This was an excellent post. Several of your posts to this thread have made me smile. Thanks. Just to make things perfectly clear: my 'poster' is not intended to in any way promote or argue a cause. The right/wrong harmless/dangerous debate has been done. I don't believe any opinions are going to change. My sole intent was to state a fact: I, and many others, miss Keli Kyrie and the energy, creativity, and fun she brought to the GD Forum and to SL in general.
  2. Well, shoot. I had some time off yesterday so I took the bus out to Lagville to see if I could get in to visit Keli. Now I see she was in court so even if I'd gotten past the guardhouse I'd have missed her. They turned me away, I'm afraid. I maybe should not have had that file. Or the sawz-all. Wirecutters. The dynamite was probably a bad idea too. Next time I'll be more careful. For now I'll just wait, like everyone else. And hope for good things, like everyone else. ETA: Oh, I misread--it was only a dream. She wasn't really in court (of course she was probably asleep).
  3. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Dillon Levenque wrote: but I can still contribute. I hope ya do!!! What I had in mind would be just as quick and dirty, although I did come up with a chantable message (having some experience in these matters). And I was also going to do a lefty and righty, as you did. I bet everyone's going to do his/her own thing now. As usual the MVP gets us all inspired. But I'll send mine to one or the other of you tonight or in the morning. ETA: 2012 ??? That's not a hold, that's a chokedown!
  4. Quinn Morani wrote: Dillon, think someone can have some "Free Keli Kyrie" placards done in time for tomorrow's Hippiestock photo? Far out, Quinn! That is a really groovy idea. Forgot about the photoshoot (I can't be there: RL as usual) but I can still contribute.
  5. MilosZ Milosz wrote: She should have been perma banned for stupidity Wow, you sound like ever so much fun.
  6. Kelinda wrote: Jaen Albatros wrote: Sole Demina wrote: This interview almost makes me feel a lump in my throat. I'm not joking ! I do hope this problem gets sorted soon and happily for Keli Me too and i feel partly responsible....i think it was my 'production' that inspired (not sure that's the right word really..), her to create Keli Inden in the first place. Bah! Free my star actress you meanies!! I mean...er....please, oh nice, kind LL, let her go!! Please don't make yourself feel responsible in any way. I know that Keli wound not want you to feel like that. What happened started on Jan 10: http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/565107#565107 Your story started on Jan 11: http://blogs.secondlife.com/thread/54715?start=0&tstart=0 So please don't feel bad. I feel bad for you that now you are missing parts to your story. Well that's good to know. Makes me feel a tiny bit better, too. How nice to see someone with good information :-). But you're right about one thing, Jaen. Your star actress is sitting in the hoosegow! I have already ordered the pasteboards and paints to begin making the placards for the Free Keli demonstration. Peaceful demonstration, of course. More a show of support than a demand. Not our fault that truck driver got excited about all the people, backed through the wall of the detention center (amazingly enough, right where Keli's cell was) and....oops. I'm getting ahead of myself.
  7. Sole Demina wrote: This interview almost makes me feel a lump in my throat. I'm not joking ! I do hope this problem gets sorted soon and happily for Keli Me too. It can't happen soon enough.
  8. Wow, that was a true SL moment. I swear to you I clicked on this thread because I thought it was about the Super Secret Lefty Handshake. Please nobody tell Quinn.
  9. Lia Abbot wrote: Ooo! Nice pic! I hope it covers the hole. It is nice. Keli took it. Was during the great Deshima adventure. The thread is still up but minus all of Keli I's posts so the continuity is lost.
  10. Lia Abbot wrote: /me slips Keli a geologist hammer and a poster of Marylyn Monroe. Give her this one too. Bit of an upgrade
  11. Suella Ember wrote: Anyway - Keli K is only on administrative hold and I'm relatively confident it will all be sorted out and she'll be back soon. If I were Keli what I would do is this. Contact LL again and say something to the effect of "I was stupid I know. I created the Keli LInden account just for a giggle and I even put in my forum profile that I was not really a Linden . I never created it with any intention to cause grief. I shouldn't have done it though and I apologise. Now please can I have my 'normal' account back from administrative hold. " Yep, that's what I'm hoping too. And that's what should happen. But I can understand why LL takes the name thing so seriously even if I wasn't. And I gather from that (vo) in the latest bulletin that my earlier speculation about who LiveReport really is was incorrect.
  12. Jolene Benoir wrote: I think you are going to have to give up on Keli I. I think you're right. But I sure would hate to have to give up on Keli K. Am I the only one who thinks the forum has been way less entertaining the last couple of days?
  13. Nathaniel Scorpio wrote: I meant that she shouldn't post under a different account. Tough as it might be, she should just wait until she hears from LL. It's possible that she isn't posting at all. That might be splitting hairs but in fact there have been only two posts from LiveReport--no followup to comments. A reasonable explanation is that a friend created the alt to post them (does read like Keli's work, though). And I think it's a little different from what Wasted was doing--he just kept hammering away at the same or similar subjects, and in a very abusive fashion, for which he was banned. LiveReport is really only a little bit of news to let us know Keli is keeping her spirits up. There is no repetition of the original offense as there was with Wasted. Just the same I'd feel better if I was positive this isn't making things worse. Don't see how it could but one never knows.
  14. Jolene Benoir wrote: I'll contribute to distracting the guards. I've baked a cake for ya, and I'm wearing a slinky dress. Quick: Look inside the cake! I may not be able to distract the guards in a slinky dress but perhaps I can do a Willem Dafoe "Boondock Saints" number and freak 'em out
  15. Yeah, well it might not have helped that I and others in a thread that will have to remain nameless insisted upon spelling her last name incorrectly, with a capital L. I didn't get the gag until after I'd done way to many posts. Yikes. As soon as I saw this thread title on my dashboard I had a terrible feeling I knew who it was about. I'm only on page 1, I think, so there's still a chance it will all get better but in fact I've not seen KK in the forum since Saturday. ETA: Having gotten to the end of the thread I'm feeling no better. Something that was so much fun wound up screwing up somebody's slife. That really does bite. I'm down for the jailbreak. ETA 2: So I just went and edited a couple of posts in a thread, forgetting that that will of course make it pop up on everyone's dashboard and besides wouldn't help anyway. I go from maybe my best week ever in SL to my stupidest.
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