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  1. My whole SLife is one long embarrassing moment, or it would be if I was easily embarrassed. Seriously; I screw things up on a regular basis. It's hard to pick a top ten, let alone just one.

    Here's the best one in the last 24 hours. I bought a statue I'd been eyeing for some time and got it nicely placed in my yard. I took a quick snap of it to send to a friend. Later I actually looked at the snapshot and noticed my leg was 'inside' the statue (I'd been standing close in the picture). Huh, I said. I know what's wrong! So I edited and sure enough, Physical was not checked. Fixed it.

    Then I stood back and watched as my statue slowly (and rather majestically) toppled over and ended up face-down in the grass. Clearly, there is a lot more to Physical than just the property that prevents me from walking through walls (except during lag-walks). Oh well.

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  2. I probably use two 'voices' when I'm here, or any other time I'm 'talking to myself': one voice takes pains to be serious and maybe even a bit formal, one is casual. Because I love the sight of my own words so much I checked my profile for a couple of recent examples.

    Serious: "I recently started getting back inworld pretty regularly after being almost entirely absent for about five years. I kept in touch with some friends via one method or another, and I kept in touch with SL mostly via forums. But I just couldn't seem to take the time to get inworld. It took a spell in the hospital to bring me back. Not that a near-death experience gave me a Second Life vision or anything; I wasn't in serious condition..."

    Casual: "Took me a long time to get past Clover's kitty pictures up there; I kind of got fixated on this one. I think if you can look at this without smiling or having an 'aww' moment or whatever you want to call it, you might not be mammalian."

    I wouldn't use things like 'kind of got fixated' or 'aww' or even 'whatever' when I'm being serious. Also, when I'm casual I indulge my habit of leaving prepositions off sentence starts, as in "Took me a long time..." instead of "It took me a long time...".

    When I'm inworld I go with short sentences or at least single-sentence comments, just as several people have already described. In an active multi-person chat scene like the Atomic Palace on a Saturday night (shameless plug for a friend's place) you have to be brief or the conversation will pass you by. Also I swear a lot; can't do that here.

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Clover Jinx said:

    *adjusts tinfoil hat*

    cleverly disguised research paper survey spread out over multiple posts?

    Oh. Took me a minute. I guess it could be, but to me that seems like a stretch. The subjects are so odd for a survey.

    The hat's real cute on you, though :-).

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  4. 30 minutes ago, Sylvannas Zulaman said:

    I feel like this thread turned into a spam fest of random screenshots without a specific purpose.

    Turned into? I think that is/was its sole purpose. The rest of us are just interrupting.

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  5. On 10/6/2018 at 7:41 AM, Snugs McMasters said:

    Yet forums don't give you enough time to pretend to be smart enough to avoid being annoyed by asshats?

    I agree, none of them are asshats... and they seem to be pretending to be smarter than you.

    ETA: Lordy, where are my manners? I like most of you!

    Snugs, it's good to see you! You've been so quiet we were worried Maddy had...you know...done something.

  6. I recently started getting back inworld pretty regularly after being almost entirely absent for about five years. I kept in touch with some friends via one method or another, and I kept in touch with SL mostly via forums. But I just couldn't seem to take the time to get inworld.

    It took a spell in the hospital to bring me back. Not that a near-death experience gave me a Second Life vision or anything; I wasn't in serious condition (except maybe for a couple of days there right at the start). I just spent a lot of time thinking and SL was in those thoughts, probably because I wanted to get in touch with someone there to let people know I hadn't disappeared (I had neither phone nor laptop for several weeks). In any case, all that thinking brought me to the conclusion that I needed to get back to being an inworld person.

    Now that I have been back for a bit I think I can identify the real draw for me. It's the people. I've had a lot of fun redoing my house and stuff, and attempting to recreate myself in a mesh body (WIP), but I have the most fun just talking to people. I could communicate when I wasn't inworld, but it was always some kind of message exchange. It wasn't conversation. It wasn't spontaneous. Communicating inworld has the same intensity as talking face to face in RL (for me, at least).

    Plus you get conversations you can't get in RL. The other day I decided to take my ancient, way pre-mesh Lotus 7 for a spin since I live alongside a Linden road. I managed to get past the first sim crossing, and then looked up to see a gigantic 4WD pickup truck coming straight at me. It swerved, and I swerved, and we both lightly crashed into stuff on our respective sides of the road, and finally we stopped, just short of a head-on collision. I backed up to give her (I could see now that a female was driving the gigantitruck) more room to get by, she gingerly drove past me, and we both roared off in opposite directions trying not to hit anything else. In RL I'd have been all ticked off; blaming her although we were both at fault, and mumbling. But in SL I could talk, since I'd grabbed her profile back at the Incident. Once I got to an intersection I stopped and IM'd her: "It's a good thing we are both SUCH good drivers!", and pretty soon she came back with a LOL, saying, "I know, I know! I just try to keep this thing pointed straight!". We talked a bit and then went our separate ways, smiling.

    Can't do that in RL.

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  7. 9 hours ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

    I found 26 tape measures in the drawer! I don't know why I've taken to putting the damn things "where they belong", because they surely don't belong there.

    My mind is going.

    Even going with the family tradition idea of always having one handy, unless you live in the Biltmore* that seems like a lot of measuring tapes.

    If YOUR mind is going, who the hell am I going to turn to for help as MINE withers away?



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  8. 21 hours ago, Morgana Hilra said:

    I am shy at first, and I am also quiet and withdrawn til I get to know ppl. 

    Based on a recent (possibly deeply flawed) scientific study we conducted right here in this forum, you're in good company. A whole bunch of us, including yours truly, scored rather high on the introvert side of things and many could apply exactly what you said there to themselves. It's open to speculation whether SL tends to attract introverts, but that particular study has yet to be done.

    In any case, welcome to the forums :-).

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  9. 7 minutes ago, SophiePotter94 said:

    Bonjour, Empereur!

    How honored I am to have had the good fortune of meeting your Majesty at last^ ^ And yes, I think I would also like to know you too better...Just promise me that you won't cut my ghost's head off when Im distracted as an act of hatred. I would hate to pass the rest of eternity like that.


    Marie Antoinette

    psst: that should be 'your Imperial Majesty', but I'm sure the citoyen won't mind.

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  10. I'm here a couple of hours earlier than usual. I was awake, barely, when a mild earthquake got my attention. That's common enough around here that I have CalTech's seismology lab as a Favorite, but of course I have to get up and turn the computer on to actually look. I'd figured somewhere above 3.0; it was slightly stronger than that. The location is along the San Andreas Fault. If you Google Map Tres Pinos you'll see it's on Highway 25, which parallels the fault from Hollister until it ends (the highway, not the fault) at Highway 198.

    ETA: We're about 25 linear miles away from the epicenter. In Tres Pinos or Hollister 3.9 might have been strong enough to rattle a little, maybe even knock a few things off shelves. Here it was enough to be noticed but not worrisome.


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  11. 4 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Today's gripe - Why do merchants put the SLURL into a notecard rather than dragging an actual Landmark into the notecard?  When they give a SLURL, I have to copy it out and paste it into chat and then click on it to get the LM/TP box.  If it is an LM, I can just click it directly in the notecard and the LM/TP box pops right up.

    You kids today. When I was your age we had to use maps! Lines on paper! And don't even talk about trying to fold them back up.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

    You can disable seeing your own name tag, and you can disabling seeing other's tags. I don't think you can prevent others from seeing your name tag, or your green dot on the map. That seams reasonable. If you were able to go invisible and hide your name tag from others, how would anyone know who to AR? That would be griefer's heaven.

    So it's still not possible to 'hide' your own name tag. That's what I'd thought, for the same reasons you suggest. Although in your case it wouldn't help a bit: the slowly fading ember trail is a sure sign that Maddy was here ;-).

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  13. 44 minutes ago, BelindaN said:

    It's just like the cloak from Harry Potter!!!!!  Disable the name tag and you can move around in peace and quiet!!!

    Has something changed? One of the things we could not do was turn off our own name tags. We can turn them off when taking pictures (in some viewers, anyway) and we can choose whether or not to see OTHER people's name tags, but we never used to be able to mask our own. Has that changed?

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  14. On 9/30/2018 at 7:17 AM, Madelaine McMasters said:

    I'm not a Cohen fan overall. I suppose it says a lot about my personal disposition, but I can't imagine liking any version of Hallelujah, except possibly a parody of it. Part of my dislike for the song may stem from my lifelong inability to spell the title. The majority of my dislike really is personal disposition. I'm not touchy-feely. I approach pain from any humorous angle I can find. And I can always find one... so far.

    What?!?!? I suppose next you'll be telling me you're a Dodger fan!

    grumble grumble grumble

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