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  1. Your explanation is much better than mine, Wolf. I have indeed experienced the type of problems you've encountered. Thanks for adding the clarity.
  2. Very interesting info, Mal! Thank you. I read that they were retesting threaded region crossings in the past couple weeks. As you mention, we saw sporatic results on sim crossing during that period. We generally boat down from SL New England to the Black Sea, about 20 sims and sometimes we had very wierd results. I hope the fixes work. I love boating in the Blake Sea and the eastern regions surrounding it. Kind regards, Yordie.
  3. Hi Theresa... sounds like the "region idling" isn't the cause of problems. Thanks for your explanations.
  4. Hi Theresa... I hoped that's how it works. Any idea why visually and on the mini-map, sims appear to be down? It is very puzzling what is happening. Also, what is the terminology for the sleep server technoloy? Thank you, Yordie
  5. If I'm boating on the Blake Sea and I approach a sim that is sleeping, will that sim wake-up fast enough for me to cross without incident? In the past, when threaded region crossing were working well, I was able to speed across an unlimited number of sims (once I did over 100) without incident. Now, it is sporadic. At times, I've crashed on the first sim crossing and the farthest I've gone was 19 sims one evening before crashing. Crashes are the type where you loose control of your avi as they sail off across non-existent sims. I don't remember the name of the server technology that places servers asleep when not being used, but I've read that this has been implemented. Could the sleeping servers account for the crashes I've experienced?
  6. I experience this trembling. It seems to be related to logon. like yourself, if i move it will stop. I use Firestorm on Win 7 PC.
  7. I've experienced an unusual amount of lag as well. On Saturday a group of eight of my friends tried walking across about 20 mainland sims, the lag was remeniscent of 2007. Sim crossings were quite bad as well.
  8. Thank you for selecting my photo.
  9. Hi Rod... Welcome to Second Life. It looks like you are discovering some of the amazing things about this place. There's no question that Linden Lab has created something truly unique and of immense value, but I believe you'll find that the wonders of SL can be found in the Destination Directory. I hope your past background will help you understand that the people (the residents) who create the wonders of SL are as valuable an asset as anything on LL's balance sheet. Real people have been invested millions of hours in creating this world. Many of us think of this world as ours, and I hope you will join us at least in spirit. Kindest regards, Yordie Sands
  10. Amen Gwen.... and so much for a Philip bounce. The numbers show that SL is alive, but only in the minds and lives of the true believers (including yours truly). I'd like to think LL has some respect for us true believers, and care about our needs but every time they relesse of version of Viewer 2 I feel like the train left the station without the passenger cars.
  11. Shutting down AU makes perfect sense if the goal of Linden Lab is to focus on the needs of users of Second Life. I spent several hours trying to make a go of AU (check it out, i tried), but found it to be virutally useless. Yes, I did meet a couple new people I might not have otherwise. I liked the fact that M. Linden actually responded to a message. I liked believing that by having Philip Linden in my friends list it meant he might read a message if I sent one. Other than that, AU was useless to me. I think there's an ole saw in business, "stick to the knitting" and I hope that closing AU signifies LL is doing that. Good decision LL.
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