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  1. Hey, maxi gossamer regularly participates in Fifty Linden Fridays. I think most MG pieces I have I’ve bought that way. I happen to be be a fan of Bliensen + Maitai: https://www.flickr.com/photos/36191599@N05/
  2. Thanks you two. My av is a tomboy, yet not very androgynous - just not typical "pretty" facial mathematics. So far, none of the female mesh heads are right for her (that's not her face shape in profile photo). Unless it's custom, no mesh head will ever resemble her system face, which is what everyone runs into, but there's little deviation from type with both male and female heads, so I figure some mix'n'match via crossover is in her future. Thanks again.
  3. Can tell the resolution on my phone's screen, but your hacked eyes look good. ?
  4. Howdy! I've been searching for this, and don't have answers. I thought I might find a blog covering this, but haven't yet. Anyone have success with mixing male and female skins on the opposite sex head? I've been away from SL throughout much of the burgeoning creations of mesh heads and bodies, and trying to come up to speed on certain questions because system now seems obsolete in fashion and beauty; I want to get caught up on the tech surrounding avatar aesthetics. Thanks!
  5. Is there anyone in SL that is collecting donations for the rescue groups going over or that are already there?
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