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  1. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Tell him to just enjoy being young again. ...Dres oh i am enjoying this really..because i am always called the less experienced one or litle girl.. he's gonna try his state Id and if that doesn't work then he will probably just cancel and forget it.. it took a lot to get him this far to even make an account..he is not one for having patience with a business that he feels doesn't want his business.. his words.. "I gave them what they asked for!! What more do you want from me? If they can't do the math at the start then what is to tell me they can do the math at all? How much effort am i supossed to give to getting this goofy online thing anyways girl?They already know more about me than most people.This is stupid?" LOL so i talked him into tryign his ID after that
  2. i have used firestorm since the first pre alpha was given to the group..it's been what i use and most stable of them all for me so far.. even more than the V1's that i was using... things rezzed really fast and i can't remember ever crashing in it.. From the survey what i see in those things you have listed is when someone is wishing to have some privacy from others.. i don't believe it is good if someone decides to put themselves on hide that we shoudl be able to overried that.. i'm sure a lot may want this feature..but when i decide i just want to hang out at my home or go someplace where i don't wish to disclose to anyone..it should be nobodies business but mine.. there is a lack of privacy in SL as it is..i don't think it is a good idea to add to the holes.. i don't really see anything useful to finding someone online that has decided they wish not to be seen for awhile or maybe to certain people.. sure there may be tools on sl for this already..but if it were my product i wouldn't want to be put in the catagory with them..just saying..
  3. Mayalily wrote: See I don't even understand the point for that G rating in the first place. Children are learning how to read; they don't even know to type yet, yet alone read blogs, news, do research on the net, etc. I'm going to try to activate my adult account 'cuz my thinking is adult may be better because of more experienced builders. ya they are really clicking on all cylinders with their verification.. they are showing my Fiance as 17 years old instead of his real age so they won't let him into mature.. he went premium and gave his bank information and social security information name address and state..all that and they show him younger than me.. He is really pissed..i mean really pissed..me i can't stop giggling at him LOL i told him to redo the form using his state ID and that maybe that will fix whatever LL screwed up on their end..because his information was correct..their system is flawed is all.. i'm having fun with it.. he's just like..ya know why am i doing this again? LOL
  4. mine is about to get to be more fun if i can ever get my fiance on our land.. we can't seem to get his account to open the matruity settings in the viewer..i log in and they are there..buit when he does he is still G..he wants to use this for when he travels so we can still watch movies together and go out and do things in sl.. i keep telling him it is because he is still so imature that it's not working lol
  5. Randall Ahren wrote: . @Ceka, what is a dutch oven? all i know is it is the words i hear as my fiance traps me under the covers and continues to hold me there while he becomes a pig and laughs at his manly sounds made from where is brain is at times.. thats all i'm gonna say as to what it is because it's grossness .. he can be a real jerk at times..
  6. I am actually on break now myself..i still pop in to pay my tier..then log off.. every summer i take a break because the sun calls me very strongly to bathe in it.. unfortunatley there are people that don't realise that opening up a place for residents is something that reflects the world..and that when they get bad reputations they make people leery of other people that are much nicer and more responsible.. it would be nice if there was a way to give a wake up call to those that just ride the coat tails of other good people..the world would be a better place for sure.. i do hope things end up working out for you and you get some of it resolved.. there are a lot of great land barons out there.. like where i live..i have been in my place most of my sl..it's why i keep coming back to make sure i pay my tier even when on break..i would hate to lose my spot hehehe take care and maybe down the road things will be better if you do change your mind about second life.*winks*
  7. If i were making a commercial for Second life..i think i could really do something to show it off with these and using avatars and places in the world..SL dancing and doing a lot of dance choreography in world has been a big part of my Second life.. Fashion as well..i think to make it appealing to many people that showing off a lot of everything in each scene would be important..not only showing off the animations..but the fashion and how well the avatars look and move and the places they are in..and how they became to be.. the music to me woudl have to have me bopping as i watched.. it would all start as showing some scenes with maybe a person hidden behind some glasses then titling them to the tip of his or her nose looking at a prim as if they just had a great idea..then as she/he creates the whole scene from the begining to the final results of a bashing great party with everyone having a ball in the beautiful creation that started from that plain cube hehehe i've always wanted to make a machinima likre that..but now time is so limited to do so..but it would be fun for sure..so these are my picks for some fun adds for second life hehehe enjoy
  8. you know what is kind of funny? Sunshine Steller shows an older rezz date than philip linden by one day lol he is 3383 days and she is 3384 days hehehe
  9. it had something to do with a group or something in there tying thier names together..i think he even had stellars name and pic in his picks ..i wish i could remember the name of this guy .. as i said ..it was awhile ago and i'm not really clear on the details from back then.. i just remember someone showing up in the thread with someones name with an earlier rez date than hers.. i wish i could find the old thread so i can remember what all i looked at..i can't remember if it was from her profile or his that they were tied together in some way in a group..i can't tell anything with this new web based profile stuff anymore.. but a i remember telling whoever it was that maybe stellar is the oldest resident and he is something else hehehe like just a builder or worked for them like a subbcontractor and got a special account.. lol i'm just going off of that thread back then..i really don't know what all went on back before july 2006 hehehehe i'll see if i can pinpoint his name and post it here so maybe one of you guys can say what he really is.. i know i would like to know too hehehe
  10. i keep it off myself nowdays..well for the past couple of years anyways.. too easy to be griefed and really i just like the pictures people paint of themselves in this world.. once i hear them in voice it's like ..wow that really took me away from all that..i want to keep here as sl as possible and keep as much RL realness out of it as i can.. plus i just lose it when someone eats on their mic like it's no big thing..bleh ..HATE IT..crunch crunch chomp chomp breath out into the mic or better yet just talk with your mouth full like nobody is here..ya thanks ..my lunch can wait till tomorrow now .. or gum chewers.smack smack smack ..they sound like rubberbands are tied to their jaws while they chew and talk at the same time.. then you have the ones that just let their bodily functions fly like it's gonna get some cheap laughs..sure it may from some..but not all of us wish to hear it.. i like the silence of sl without voice hehehe..i get enough of the others from rl as it is.. what is it with guys that think a dutch oven is so funny when nobody else is around to laugh about it ..i know i am never laughing when i get put in there..
  11. Tonny Strom wrote: I Think we shall not make this a joke, this is Identity theft a crime, and it seems that girl never had account in SL on 1st place, she need to report that account to LL and if she willing to go far with this she can sue him as well and claim for damages Our Second Life Identity is an Extend of our Real Life Identity and we shall always deal with it as the same I agree ..it's judge judy time!! and she is noooo joke
  12. ya he is something like that i think ..i had mentioned that to the person in the old thread when i had seen the different type of tag.. that he is the oldest non linden and that stellar is actually the oldest resident or person with resident tag hehehe.. still it was neat to look into..i didn't know they had people other than residents who were not lindens before that thread =)
  13. i used to go through this whole ritual every night before logging off..just as if i were getting ready for bed in RL.. i remember the last thread..i can't remember the picture i put in it or if i had even put one in it..sometimes i slept in the nude..well a lot of times i did lol.. it's good we have actual blankets now in sl ..because sometimes it would get kinda chilly in the winter
  14. ya i also didn't care for the feature that if we deleted one of our posts in a thread that we could delete any post that responded to it if we wanted.. i think it led to some problems as well..it also didn't help with thinking posts were being AR'd when actually just removed in a chain from a deleted post.. the blogrums were a real work of art for any kind of order i swear lol
  15. i think you can until someone posts.. i may be wrong also..that was actually the old forums..or was it the ones before those? heck i don't know hehehe anyways..knowing that we couldn't delete one sure would make people that knew that kind of think before they made one i would guess hehehe maybe it's not such a bad thing after all if we couldn't hehehe
  16. by looking on stellars profile and groups you should see the place she lives ..then the guy that owns that land.. the only reason i dug so deep back then was because things the person responded to me about were true and lining up with the profiles.. i don't know what titles they had back then..but he has an older start date than stellar and is not a linden.. by demigod i just meant inbetween resident and linden is all lol
  17. actually if i remember right it's the person that owns the land that stellar has her place at.. there was an older thread from the old forums where i had said stellar was..then this guy came on the thread..i can't for the life of me remember his name..but he was telling me it was him or it was this guy that owns the land he lived on.. so i started to look at the profiles and looked at where it shows on the profile if they are resident or linden and this guy had niether..it said something like server god or something like that..then looked at his picks to see this picture of a room full of servers.. i looked at his groups and i guess he owns the land that a lot of the first residents live on..it's been awhile since the thread so i am really not remembering much from it..but i remember the guy correcting me pretty good when i sadi stellar lol then i thought.well maybe there was more than just residents back then and stellar is just the oldest resident and this guy is the oldest other type person without a resident tag but still not a linden or resident..like a demigod resident or something LOL i'm just waking up ..so barw with the rambling..things are very groggy in my memory banks at the moment lol
  18. Storm Clarence wrote: Ishtara Rothschild wrote: Ceka Cianci wrote: I want a bouncing F too!! did you make that? hehehehe oh wait maybe i don't want one..whats it stand for? hehehehe:matte-motes-evil-invert: The F stands for female. Many forums display gender icons, and the blue "M" symbol kind of looks like that. I wanted to have something more feminine in my badge to offset the masculine blue icon (as well as the line "recognized member" below it, which makes it even worse). I didn't really make it myself though, it's just a modified version of this bouncy smiley: Feel free to use it if you like Here's one without elf ears: /me wonders if Ishtara can make him a bouncing 'C'? Hey Ceka, do you want to ask me what the 'C' stands for? :matte-motes-bored: Ok what does the C stand for? heheheh
  19. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: Ceka Cianci wrote: I want a bouncing F too!! did you make that? hehehehe oh wait maybe i don't want one..whats it stand for? hehehehe:matte-motes-evil-invert: The F stands for female Many forums display gender icons, and the blue "M" symbol kind of looks like that. I wanted to have something more feminine in my badge to offset the masculine blue icon (as well as the line "recognized member" below it, which makes it even worse for some reason). I didn't really make it myself though, it's just a modified version of this bouncy smiley: Feel free to use it if you like Here's one without elf ears: Aw thank you Ishy i love it =)
  20. I want a bouncing F too!! did you make that? hehehehe oh wait maybe i don't want one..whats it stand for? hehehehe:matte-motes-evil-invert:
  21. thats them just working on the asset server.. are they still working on it? i know they posted they would be finished at 7 am..but you know how that goes..hehehehe a lot of people have been getting this message.. be relieved we are all sharing it..i just popped in because it's raining outside ..went to log into sl and LOL just said to myself..same old SL.it's good to see some things never change even though i never got in hehehe
  22. Are they going after the general forum or the whole second life forum? *puckers up trying to stay serious but can't* Will their evil plot to take over the microsmidge of a spot on the world become true? will we all pause for a moment to say..Dang it that was irritating for a sec..? here is a quote from deep throat.. no not the movie " If only one person frowns it would have all been worth it muuuwhaaahahaha"
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