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  1. As a creator who has been in SL since its earliest days and used just about every viewer out there, I'm both ecstatic about and dreading mesh.

    The excellent:
    Mesh is an amazing medium.  It makes sculpties obsolete in -almost- every way and is much easier to work with, texture, etc. outside of Second Life.

    The disappointing:
    Mesh clothes (or at least the ones I've seen so far) blow chunks.  Alpha layers required to wear mesh clothes?  Okay.  The gaps it leaves when you don't have a 'normal' shape?  Not okay. :(

    The horrific:
    I see more praise than criticism lately over V2 and onward viewers on LL's site but I and every builder I know remain adamant that LL's latest viewers are the worst possible redesign LL could've given them.  They inhibit growth and creativity and promote following the pack.  SL used to be about creating and adding ideas and it's like all they want to do now is attract sheep to flock into already existant gates.  The problem is those sheep aren't going to keep things going.  People are cheap.  People want free.  How can business owners justify staying in SL when they're given no reason to?

    These newly attracted folk aren't the ones you should be catering to, LL.  Hopefully you still have enough talented creators willing to stick it out until a decent viewer comes along to allow us to build these meshes.  Mesh alone isn't enough to make me want to use V2/3. :(

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