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  1. My region is always part of the rolling restarts that take place on wednesday but has been down for well over an hour. Web controls stuck in a loop reloading. Usually this is where I'd go to support, but it looks like the support portal is just... gone? down? erroring? missing? It results in a white page with the text "An error has occurred. Further information is available in the server log." What exactly can I do to get this remedied?
  2. You are a ****ing hero. Removing -s from the name fixed it. THANK YOU for this, and thank the rest of you for the suggestions, too.
  3. So, the marketplace has decided that my images are suddenly not good enough or something and upload as blanks. It doesn't matter what file type I use - gif, jpeg, png - it happens all the same once a listing has decided to do this crap to me. I submitted a ticket to support and was told that my files are 'invalid' but they work just perfectly on every other site INCLUDING when you click on the link to view the uploaded media to the support ticket, though the linden responding insisted he couldn't see it and it was 'invalid'. They offered no solutions, so now i'm stuck. I've tried eve
  4. Thanks! I know I'm really late replying to this again but hey, maybe I can bring this to light to other creators who also are too buried in their work to notice important things. I really just wanted to know if I'd missed something somewhere -- and I had! So thank you all for replying. I'll certainly try to be more diligent about keeping up with the things and the stuff LL puts up.
  5. So I got a mailer from Second Life telling me about this shopping event: This isn't the first time they've advertised shopping events and mentioned specific brands in doing so as participating. What I'm wondering is... did I (and other) merchants miss a sign up or something, or did these creators just randomly/targetedly get invited by LL? What criteria are they going by that other creators are left out of these rather major opportunities?
  6. Bringing this back up for curiousity's sake. Has anyone yet gotten the fabled tax form from LL yet? My partner and I are still waiting on ours. Wondering if we should start fussing at LL about it or not.
  7. Yeah. Frustrating doesn't quite cover it. This came at a time when it was needed most by so many people I knew. LL probably doesn't care, at least not about their customer's need and how they're hurting them. All they probably care about is how backed up their job is, which is probably only stalling since they don't want to clean up the mess that they made for themselves. That said, they've now supposedly completed the maintenance and any transactions over 5 days of waiting warrant a support case. I'm still waiting on mine to be answered 24+ hours later.
  8. I am looking to purchase at least one homestead region for full transfer to my business account. If you have a homestead you'd like to be rid of, please contact me in-world with your desired price for the region and it's tier due date. Willing to barter on pretty much any price lower than what LL asks. Thank you! Kalia Firelyte
  9. I'm looking for at least one or possibly more PHP / javascript coder to collaborate on a fairly large project in Second Life. Pay negotiable. If you have the time to dedicate to it, please contact me, Kalia Firelyte, in-world for more information.
  10. I'm really wondering how LL went from "Oh we need a category just for meeroos!" to "Oh let's narrow it to only real pet species and completely disclude meeroos." ... what? There's plenty of breedable pets that don't fit into any of the categories that your revised list includes. Meeroos, among others, are 'fantasy' or 'other'. Why not just have an 'other' or 'misc' breedable category? Also, why is it livestock, reptiles and rodents aren't also breedable categories? What if someone has a breedable bull, like what's coming out? Do they categorize it in livestock or... where? I hope you'l
  11. As a creator who has been in SL since its earliest days and used just about every viewer out there, I'm both ecstatic about and dreading mesh. The excellent: Mesh is an amazing medium. It makes sculpties obsolete in -almost- every way and is much easier to work with, texture, etc. outside of Second Life. The disappointing: Mesh clothes (or at least the ones I've seen so far) blow chunks. Alpha layers required to wear mesh clothes? Okay. The gaps it leaves when you don't have a 'normal' shape? Not okay. The horrific: I see more praise than criticism lately over V2 and onward viewers
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