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  1. Hellos, one quick question .. alinment of textures on a non-scripted item Thanks
  2. Hellos... in deed asome assistance adding sound to an object.. I would like the slund to loop.. is this possible and thank yous Jenn
  3. Hey, and hi's to both of yous... Please feel free to stike up a hello and hi's with me... don't bitr.. I just nibble..
  4. ere is more to D/s than a collar and ordering people around. First, like any relationship, communication is key. Before you collar her, you MUST establish what you both are expecting. Her limits. Your limits. What you enjoy. What she enjoys ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nods yes quietly...As in the relationship with my Mistress/ partner/love/signifcant other (all in one)... I enjoy it but also respect the Mistress/wife realtioship. As in real li
  5. Ohh still a work in progress, but extremly happy with the effort.. not only in appearance, but compeltely over all...and the the big is? It was not terribly expensive either...Yet never completely satisfied as in rl appearance a tweak here and the.. Still looking for a shorter hair that I find appealing...
  6. Yes... but can get so laggy then crash... then my puppy barks at strange voice.. then crash.. I love my southern twangish south west texas accsent...but also enjoy typing no bothers there.. keeps the hands busy... and less crashes.. Sooooo if based on a releationship make or break... then break it is... sorry hun.. love you but hate crashes...
  7. Welcome, welcome...if there is anything I can do, to make your stay more enjoyable just ask...wow was that to sugar coated?
  8. Greetings... Happy Thursday... If your ineterested in dancing .. let me kow.. I'm on after 1pm sl time but, have meditation at the temple for a half hour.. Then my love pops on for a hour.. but after that free to be tied after that .. unlsess still tied up... (grins)... There is a lovely Itialia sim with ballroom dancing... But thinks Franks is still the best ... oh wells give me a shout out laters.. kiss kiss
  9. Hello.. Hi... uhmmmm thinks if you go with a 3rd party viewer..i.e Hippo which is a SL viewer lite.. so be able to work.. but if high scripts on avi will cause great lag.. and frequent crashes.... just thinking out loud
  10. I have found that I keep most of my friendship cards... I can't find enough reason to delete or remove someone from that list.. I often thought I am the one that needs to be muted... Sighs.... Happy Mondays...
  11. I don't have Dommes anymore, but keep the collar.. and Happy Wensday... Kisses
  12. "Two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl" "year after year" /sighs
  13. I love my avi very much now if I could only tolerate the person behind the avi.. sighs
  14. /Me thinks if you go to the Open Collar, more then one Dom will throw themselves at you..
  15. Absolutley.... yes, love it, have it, wear it...
  16. I left SL almost a year ago for 6 months , RL work. I left a sl life partner that left me behind and moved on.. I felt bad about leaving with little notice.or affair. How strange it is to not to know how you were missedf and by how many.. The lives that are toached by one. Again sorry baby, I left.
  17. The worst: /Someone-someone looks at the succulent young lady standing just opposite of him and says... "I'd like to pour some honey on you while I lick and devour you in ecstasy"" Agreed.. /thinks would need whipped cream with some chocolate syrup.../sighs
  18. The Best: "goodness you look great tonight" /blush The worst: "i have balls" /heavy sigh
  19. Stay single have fun... unfortunetly this does not for me so well. sighs
  20. NO... because the peeps can't wait, hour by hour for you to login.. and when you finally need that micro second to hit you 5 IM's.. Shortly after that want to know why you are ingnoring them in the first 10 seconds.. After that THEY..(just venting) they need a full detail of tje days events... And that is why there are alts.. Thank you very much for the post..*sighs*
  21. A country thread ...........mmm mmmmmmm child, bout time... God Bless Texas Ya'll
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