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  1. Walmart should sell better computers. Computer manufacturers, like Dell, should not misrepresent the products  created by independent contractors at the lowest possible price with the cheapest possible materials.


    Actually I get refurbished laptops with a 30 day warranty.. If my kitty would stop kocking the laptop on the floor., they would last longer..



    Happy Holidays!!!

  2. If you weren't going to try to be helpful why did you bother posting?


    /me sighs....  please don't feed the trolls.. tho even they need love...

  3. Hi Sofiee.. I love shopping alone... never really certian when I'm dressed.. Yikes.. But express your interests, please.. EHere do you go dancing, what type of musis.. and you can friend me also.. (when I get my lappytop fixed) /kicks HD...  ohhh right sorry (mubbling) But what do you like to do while not shopping?




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