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  1. See http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Linden-dollars/ta-p/700107 for the first steps on using LindeX. There are more details on the process linked from the LindeX pages themselves. If you have never made a payment to LL, your account will be unable to sell L$ on LindeX, and you will need to make some sort of payment to LL to enable this (either upgrade to premium or buy a small quantity of L$, then wait 7 full days before you are allowed to sell up to US$300 of L$). You can check your current LindeX trading limits at https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/describe-limits.p
  2. Rya Nitely wrote: Well, maybe not protecting teens, but protecting SL from any bad publicity involving 'children' that could have a huge impact on its success - and so it is protecting all us merchants. Tbh, as long as they are seen to come down like the proverbial ton of bricks on the absolutely forbidden content (sexual ageplay, and other things which are not ever acceptable in adult regions), and have a token form of screening for the 16s and 17s, the rest is just a marketing opportunity and the publicity can rapidly be spun into free advertising. If you step back from it and think abo
  3. Brooke, you need to completely ditch the over-zealous keyword matching when people manually edit items. It's wrongly forcing listings to A rating when they should be ok as a M. There are also cases being reported in the in-world SL Commerce Merchants group chat of G items getting forced to A inappropriately. At the very least, it should be disabled for manual listing edits, as it is wrongfully limiting the visibility of our products.
  4. Welcome, Brooke! Thank you (whichever Linden(s) are responsible) for finally fixing WEB-2308, it's much appreciated. Communication does seem to have been a bit lacking from the Commerce Team in the last few months, so please do try to engage with us over the important issues, and recognise that this needs to be a partnership between creators/merchants and LL, where both sides should prosper from good, honest, and frank communication. There's two rather important issues that I can think of which are outstanding with SLM. Firstly, there's the tiny default size of the description field when e
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