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  1. Bill Woodland wrote: I hope this is in the right place but how do I add prim count to a parceled off peice of land...........................parceling off sections for vendors is what i am trying to do. Very short answer: you can't, the prim quota for a parcel is based on its size. Alternatively, if you are talking about how to make your rental system count prims correctly, contact the creator of the system for support. Having said that, all parcels in the same region that are owned by the same person or group share a common, region-wide pool of prims. So, if all the land is under the same ownership, per-parcel limits do not apply, only the combined limit based on the total area of land under that ownership in the region. There is one exception to that, the region's object bonus can adjust how many prims are allocated based on the size of parcels, but it's a region-wide setting which impacts all parcels, and the region's 15,000 limit still applies. The region object bonus is an estate setting which LL will not change on mainland, and most estates will not change unless the entire region is under the ownership of just 1 person (or group).
  2. Actually, for a fairly large number of regions, I am the judge for those things. They are banned across a very large number of regions that I'm involved with, and will be estate-returned if found. These spam-rezzing temp prim systems cause significant strain on the servers. Rezzing/derezzing prims and loading/unloading scripts are 4 of the most costly operations for the sim. These systems constantly stress those operations, and are extremely harmful when used on a large scale. They claim to offer "free" prims, but the reality is that those prims are extremely costly for the server and every AV within draw distance of them.
  3. One of the resource-stealing, server-abusing, lag-creating spam-temp-rezzing systems seems to have partly broken (sadly not in a good way). It now spam shouts base 64 encoded data on each rez (which since it's an abusive spam-rezzer, that's a lot of spam shouted).
  4. You just need to look at the land sales search and/or for sale parcels on the world map. You should be able to find a random 512 sq.m. parcel for L$512 or less (i.e. L$1/sq.m.). TP to the parcel buy it, that's all there is to it. Linden Homes are the only free parcels for Premium, in terms of obtaining the parcel itself. All normal mainland has to be purchased from someone (Gov Linden, in the case of abandonments).
  5. The airport needs a rez zone for people who actually want to use it as an airport. Griefing isn't harmless fun, you're dead wrong about that. You and everyone else there need to make a point of ARing the griefers for each and every incident.
  6. It's really a case of people expecting a bit too much from LL here, tbh. LL do provide a reasonably complete set of documentation between the KB & wiki. Their service does not include hand holding in terms of how to properly make best use of the virtual land they provide, and has never been sold as including that. If you need that sort of service, you shouldn't be going direct to LL for your land, but to one of the many established private estates or mainland rental companies. The level of service does vary with these 3rd party suppliers, but the best of them will be very glad to work with you and help you solve critical issues such as griefing type things.
  7. A technical solution preventing 16 sq.m. parcels being cut is not viable, as they are very necessary as a temporary measure when cutting odd-shaped parcels. People also need micro-parcels for some legitimate uses, such as creating rez-zones / unpacking areas, allowing members of a different group to set home, etc. What's needed is for LL to actually reliably enforce their existing policies, plus be a lot more ready to use the section of discretionary power to simply reclaim an obstructive micro-parcel that is causing significant harm to a holder of a much larger parcel. They also need to get tough with people who commit deliberate acts of vandalism by microcutting land as awkwardly as possible when abandoning, or those that buy perfectly good land, cut some micros out of it for ad space, then abandon the now vastly less useful parcel they cut.
  8. It's 100% manual once enabled. You get to pick which objects get returned because you return by right-clicking the troublesome object. If you're one of the nice landowners who tolerate the sort of situations described by Hugsy, as long as they are not actually bothering you, you need take no action, they will all still work as they do today. The change is that you'll be able to more or less instantly deal with the stuff which is a problem. If you're on a new enough viewer, the return option will un-grey for encroachment-returnable objects (if the feature is enabled in the region's config). It does seem like it's hopefully going to get enabled soon, as long as Patch and the other Concierge Lindens don't see any serious issues. Still no timescale for it, but Andrew seems to be supportive of it, and I'm going to keep nudging him gently about it.
  9. Yeah, that's a fair point about it being difficult to get support if you can't get to the website. Have you tried https://support.secondlife.com/ ? As for Verizon, it's def worth trying to see if that's a common factor with the people having problems.
  10. Ahh, ok, if you're having problems getting to the main secondlife.com website, you may well have some sort of network issue. It could be routing, could be a forced HTTP proxy at your ISP, could be DNS, could be something at LL — there's not enough information to accurately guess at that. You should def contact LL support, to see if they can find any problems for you, but probably also talk to your ISP's support, as the issue could well be in a stealth HTTP proxy on their network (a system which is supposed to transparently proxy and cache your HTTP requests, if they have such a thing).
  11. There's a few things to note / clear up here. Firstly, as long as you're able to resolve DNS names on the Internet, changing your DNS server should never influence the route of your packets to a particular IP address. That's not how IP routing works. DNS is used to resolve a hostname to an IP address. After that, you have no control over how the packets are routed once you pass them to your ISP, it's controlled by their internal routing tables, then the BGP peering between ISPs. Generally, the best results are likely to be achieved by using your ISP's DNS servers. You should only change your DNS servers if you actually understand how it works, or to attempt to fix a problem where you are unable to correctly resolve names to/from numeric IP addresses. The only way you can change the routing of your packets is to use a different ISP, or tunnel/proxy your connection via a server elsewhere on the Internet. As for the traceroute timing out, there's 2 forms of traceroute, UDP & ICMP. The timeouts you're seeing are most likely down to using UDP traceroute, and it's standard practice to block those at the edge of a non-public network (i.e. at the point where LL's private network connects to the public Internet). That's what you are seeing. If you were to use an ICMP traceroute, you would see the internal route through LL's network to the sim server (which should be neither a big deal nor a security risk, where the target is a public-facing server, such as the sim servers) The traceroute given in the first post od this thread tells me that your packets are getting to LL's network ok, so the problem is more likely to be with your viewer or an individual region server. The timeouts seen on hops 11 and 14 are not of great interest, it's not unusual for intermediate hops on a route to not respond to traceroute sometimes, plus there are bugs in some network stacks and routers which cause the packet TTLs to be handled incorrectly (causing a fake missing hop).
  12. Hmm, I'm sorry to say, but I think there's a horrible showstopper with region crossings & TPs between main channel & LeTigre after today's roll. I'm having a terrible failure rate with disconnects being caused, going between Virrat (main), Orivesi (LeTigre), and Smithers Bluff (main). All mainland Class 7s. Edit: Actually, a few hours later, I'm slightly less convinced it's LeTigre causing the issues, and maybe some sort of network occasional network issue inside LL. Not sure now, as it's not following any consistent rate or pattern. It really was dreadful flying or TPing between the sims above earlier, but seems to have calmed down now (/me hopes she's not speaking too soon…).
  13. Jo, it all depends on just what periods those numbers in your original post are averaged over. If the average used to calculate the overall % performance is over an hour, 45% is terrible. Those FPS & dilation numbers are terrible as well, but I'd guess that they are the instantanous readings, not an average. The point where you need to be worried is if you are seeing long and sustained periods of dilation below 0.90, and sim FPS below 40. Some people will tell you anything less than 1.00 & 45 is a problem, but frankly they are wrong. Spikes are expected behaviour when someone enters or leaves, and can easily drop both numbers right down for 5-10s, but that's not the primary thing to worry about. It's the sustained numbers when nobody is entering or leaving that are the big concern, so the long term averages on those. Your monitoring tool may or may not be giving you a good long term average, it just depends how it's been coded. It also depends on the sampling rate of the monitoring tool. If it doesn't sample the data often enough, the average will not be terribly accurate, as those numbers change fairly rapidly.
  14. No, Casper didn't buy Apez. He just offered a lifeline to merchants who were on the system, in terms of easy migration to his own vending system, with data import and so on.
  15. Marianne McCann wrote: that's highly surprising, and a bit disturbing. I agree entirely. I sincerely hope that it's not a sign that certain bits of LDPW content are going to be chopped, if they somehow don't meet particular criteria. That would be a really sad thing, as regarless of the traffic that any individually see, they all collectively are something that gives mainland some character and history. Some comment on the issue from either Michael or Guy would be much appreciated.
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